Q:Why do you blog about Kate?
A: I have grown to really enjoy her sense of style, her quite confidence, and her ability to connect with people on so many different levels. You can check out more on my About page.

Q:Are you obsessed with her or something?
A: No. I enjoy keeping up with her, however, just like some people like playing video games and some like writing poetry, I like keeping up with Kate (I am not very good at playing video games or writing poetry, however, so I really only have one option left :)

Q: Don't you think Kate is lazy? I mean, she never works.
A: Lucky you! I answered this right here:
Kate and Working

Q:How does she stay so thin? Is she anorexic?
A: Kate is a naturally slim person, she always has been, always will be. Her whole family is that way. She works out every day (running, light weight training, etc.) to maintain her figure, but she is not obsessed. She is tall, as well, which allows the person to carry more weight without it being noticeable.

Q:How did her parents get so rich?
A: Carole Middleton, Kate's mother, started a party planning business with Kate was very young and it became very popular. You can visit their website here.

Q: Who does her hair and makeup?
A: She has had many people over the years do her hair and makeup. She picks out all her outfits herself, so she doesn't have a stylist. She famously goes to the Richard Ward hair salon, while Amanda Cook Tucker is her hairstylist who accompanied her on both the Southeast Asia trip and the more recent Australia/New Zealand trip. As for the makeup, I am not sure. Bobbi Brown is one of her favorite companies to use, and is partially what she used on her wedding day. She also wears Lancome, which is widely available in stores, as is Bobbi Brown.

Q: Where can I learn more about Prince William?
A: I have a biographical post about him in honor of his 33rd birthday right here.

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