Monday, December 21, 2015

The Cambridge's Christmas Plans

With William and Kate's recent acquiring of  Anmer Hall, which is on the Norfolk estate of Sandringham - which is where the royal Christmas is held - the holidays have been done a little differently. Last year we saw William and Kate join the royal family at Sandringham and exchange presents as well as go to church with them, but spend most of Christmas day at home with their only child at the time, George, and the Middletons.
Christmas Day 2014
This year will be very similar, but only more joyful because Charlotte is now here! All the best and see you all soon :)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Finals are Done and Family portraits!

Good morning,
I am so sorry for my absence - finals were calling! Luckily, they have been gotten through with good grades to add! If you would like coverage for Kate's recent engagements, please visit my Other Blogs page. This post will be dedicated to the wonderful family picture released a few days ago in honor of Christmas.
AFP/Getty Images
Taken in late October at Anmer Hall, the family looks happy and beautiful. I love how in every shot with his kids, one can see William's happiness and pride.
Have a wonderful holiday and see you Christmas!
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