Monday, October 26, 2015

Spectre Premier in Blue

Good evening,
Kate had been one busy bee these last few days! Today especially, as she had the BAFTA meeting in the morning and the new James Bond film Spectre in the evening. William, Kate, and Harry attended the premier in conjunction with Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund, aiding the behind-the-scenes workers during hard times. The couple also chose two other charities to benefit from tonight's movie, choosing Shelterbox (aiding the Nepalese people after the recent earthquake) and Save the Children, working with refugees from the Middle East crisis.
Joel Ryan/Invision/AP
Kate looked, as always, smashing. She chose a bespoke Jenny Packham (altered from the original runway version) light blue gown with Jimmy Choo pumps and her mother's earrings.
Mehdi Tee
This is the glamour one associated with the royal family.
The dress itself was rather daring, with most of it being semi-sheer and a back cutout.
Karwai Tang
Being honest, this isn't my favorite look on Kate, however, she looked happy and comfortable and that is all that really matters.
At the end of a busy day William and Kate both appeared to have enjoyed the movie very much, as did Harry.

Medhi Tee
Have a wonderful evening and see you in a few days!

Charities Forum at BAFTA

This was a busy day for our favorite trio! Today they were at The Charities Forum, including of the charities they support and observing the creative minds of the children involved. Over 30 organizations are members of the Forum, and this is a great opportunity to facilitate collaboration between different areas of work.
First off, they went to a screening of the upcoming children's television show turned movie, Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas. The couple seemed familiar with the characters and no doubt have watched it before with George and Charlotte.
Afterwards, Their Royal Highnesses talked with the kids about the movie and had a spot of fun gamely playing with them.
They also participated in a game called "Welly Wanging", basically trying to hit a target with a welly.
Kate missed and was rather disappointed, but William had better luck.
William also heckled that Kate should "do a funny walk" across the stage. Kate laughed and did it for fun :)
Kate wore a new Tabitha Webb dress, Meg-Space, and paired it with her Jimmy Choo shoes. It was a fun day to be had by all!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kate Stuns in Dolce & Gabbanna

William and Kate went on another engagement with President Xi and Madame Peng, adventuring to Creative Collaborations: UK & China which showcased the different creations that people from the two countries had dreamed up. Kate wore a lovely plum Dolce & Gabbanna frock.

Ben Cawthra'LNP
The event was symbolic of a new future between the two countries, and all parties had a great time.
Stephen Lock/I-images
They watched a performance of Matilda and met Jackie Chan.

It was a lovely time.

AFP/Getty Images

State Dinner with Xi Jinping

Our dear William and Kate partook in three engagements this week. Kate attended her first state dinner, which is quite an achievement, and she looked fabulous while doing it:
She wore a custom Jenny Packham dress in red (no doubt paying homage to the Chinese president) with red bead detailing on the bust. She also wore two diamond bracelets and earrings loaned from the queen, and the stunning 'Papyrus' tiara, also known as the Lotus Flower, which was gifted to the Queen Mother as a necklace which she then had turned into a tiara.
Kate was seated next to the president himself and Mr Wang Huning, a senior advisor to Xi Jinping. William was further down the table seated with Madame Peng.
Here we see a full view of the dress:
The reception was private and most of the dinner was, so the general population is privy to very little, but this was the menu, released by Buckingham Palace:
British Monarchy Twitter Feed
Here we see her arriving at the event, and a close-up on her earrings.

They both looked lovely and like they had a good time!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

State Banquet

The moment we have all been waiting for: Kate's big reveal! Kate appeared to have worn a red dress with the Queen Mother's diamond and pearl tiara. More soon!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Kate's Engagements are Nearing!

Hello and I hope you are all doing well,
There is not much news right now, but...there are many engagements in the near future! First off, Kate and William are completing a joint engagement at London's Harrow College to honor World Mental Health day, mental health being a concern very near and dear to both William and Kate's hearts.
The event will be hosted by the charity Mind. The couple will meet with adolescents battling with mental health disorders and those helped by Mind and now volunteer for the organization or Time for Change, a non-profit fighting to destigmatize mental illness.

It will be a day full of fun, learning, and hopefully a few cute moments between the pair :)
Also on the calendar is the state banquet for Chinese president Xi Jinping. This will be Kate's first official state banquet and we will hopefully get some good pictures out of the event. This is very formal so we should be seeing Kate wearing a tiara of some sort. Which one would you prefer?
Above we see Kate wearing the Papyrus tiara, one of the Queen Mother's favorites. Until then, ta-ta!
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