Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hello! Kate Went on an Engagement! And I am Back!

Hello dear readers,
I am tremendously sorry for the lack of blogging in the recent months. I have been just extremely busy with work and changes going onion my life, so I do apologize. I all be back much more regularly from now on. On a happier note, our dear Kate was finally spotted! She attended an engagement today at the Anna Freud Centre to learn about their program for children's mental health.
Tim Rooke/REX Shutterstock
The Anna Freud Centre has a goal of reducing the burden of mental health issues on young people using neuroscience and social science research. The centre was named after Anna Freud, Sigmond Freud's daughter, who worked tirelessly to promote the well-being of the children affected by WWII. You can learn more about the organization here.
Anna Freud Center
While on the engagement, Kate experienced many of the games that the children play to help them with their mental disorders. Here is her playing a game that promotes stability and discipline:
Anna Freud Centre

Now on to the best part: Kate! Kate officially debuted many things today: her new fringe, herself (she has not been seen since late July), and her new Ralph Lauren shirtdress.

What do you think of her hair? She has had it like this a couple of times before, and while I am not a huge fan, it seems to be a change-marking hairstyle.

One wonders how George and Charlotte are doing, but she was not recorded saying anything about the today. See you tomorrow when they go to the Rugby World Cup!

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