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This is a live blog of the progression of Kate's labor. I will be doing everything in chronological order, from the moment her labor is announced to when the birth is announced. Everything will be in London time. GO DOWN TO BOTTOM TO SEE THE MOST RECENT POST! Refresh Frequently :)

6:40 am- Kate's Labor is announced.  William himself drove her. Everyone goes wild!

7:45 am- Prime Minister David Cameron sends good luck to the couple

In a break from tradition, they made an official announcement before the hour of 8.00 am.

8:00 am - The best official live blog I can find is here at the Daily Mirror.
Simon Perry confirmed the George is at Kensington Palace with nanny Maria Borallo. The likelihood of him coming to see the baby at the hospital is low.

9:00 am- The baby (if born today) will share a birthday with Catherine the Great (!) as well as with David Beckham and Donatella Versace.

10:00 am - Nothing much yet! Kate was admitted with George at around the same time, and was in labor for around ten hours. Is it going to be a long wait is this birth takes this long! (Side note: my sleep deprivation is starting to kick in ;)

11:10 am - IT IS A GIRL! Kate was safely delivered of a girl (princess!) at 8:34 am this morning. She was 8lbs 3oz.

Woohoo! Congratulations, William and Kate! We are so excited for you!

11:30 am - The announcement (and more Tweets!)

 Town Crier announces the birth:
Press Association 
12:00 pm - The latest Kensington Palace tweet:

12:30 pm - There is speculation that Kate and William with the little Princess will be leaving the hospital today! Woohoo!

And, the Royal Navy again congratulated the couple on the flight decks of Type 23 frigate and Type 45 destroyer spelling out "Sister".
Ministry of Defense

We have the extreme excitement of the royal fans waiting outside the Lindo Wing:
Getty Images
Getty Images
And, the Tower Bridge (London Bridge) has turned pink for the celebration:

12:35 pm  - The official birth announcement! Yay!
Getty Images
Press Association
1:00 pm - Amanda Cook-Tucker (Kate's hairdresser) has been spotted going into the hospital, implying that she is leaving today!
1:50 pm - Max Foster has given us some comfort:

4:00 pm - Prince William has left the hospital to go and inform George that he has a little sis! He has said he will go and pick him up! We will get to see the whole happy family!! His press team said it will be a quick trip.

4:10 pm- Prince William said he is "very happy" about having a new daughter.

4:15 pm-  William has returned with Prince George! He gave a lovely wave to the crowd :)

He is looking as cute as ever!

This is the last time Prince George will feel like an only child with his daddy :)

Dare I say that this is the cutest Vine, ever!

4:20 pm- Imminent departure of the happy family? That is the rumor. I'll keep y'all updated :)
4:26 pm- Will it be Charlotte? It is 5/4 right now! This adorable DM article:By George I've Got a Sister!
Daddy planted a kiss on George's head <3
The Picture Library
4:30 pm- Here is a video of the duo walking into the Lindo Wing:
4:40 pm- The Queen is wearing pink for the little princess!

4:42 pm-  William and George are a copy of Charles and William 31 years ago!

5:22 pm- This cute tidbit:

Kensington Palace will give us a 30 minute warning before the family of four leaves.

5:36 pm- Prince George has left the hospital. No photo op!
5:40 pm- The couple and the Princess of Cambridge, however, will be leaving St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, this evening.

5:43 pm- The couple and their daughter are expected to leave St. Mary's within the hour! This is the first time in 180 years that we will have had a Princess of Cambridge.

5:50 pm- Here is the official announcement:

5:53 pm- They are expected to leave within 15-20 mins!!!! My heart is racing uncontrollably :)

5:55 pm- Even sooner than we thought!

6:05 pm- Any minute now!

6:10 pm- The cars are arriving!

6:10 pm-  Any second!

6:20 pm- We have seen the Princess of Cambridge! Kate, William, and the little girl look healthy and lovely :) Kate was wearing a bespoke Jenny Packham dress and looked remarkable! Unfortunately, they did not answer questions from the media this time.

6:30 pm- How lovely! We hope that the new family of four are enjoying the meet and greet time at their London home.

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