Monday, May 4, 2015

HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge

Good morning!  We have a name: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. The name has beauty, simplicity, grace, and legacy.
 The Princess will be styled:  
Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Her whole name, not unlike George's is paying homage to members of the BRF. However, Charlotte's name is paying homage to William's direct relatives. Her name is also Pippa's middle name (Charlotte) and Carole's middle name (Elizabeth). Discreetly, both sides of the family have fit in. Let's have a look at the major royal players:
 Prince Charles: As Charlotte is the feminine version of Charles, it is clear who this girl was named after. Charles has been a major influence on William's (and now Kate's) life. He has been there for William and guided him in the matters of all things royal. There is a tight bond and that is now evident with the naming process.
Queen Elizabeth II: Charlotte's first middle name, Elizabeth, is honoring Queen Elizabeth. She has been a governing force in both William and Kate's lives. This is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful Queen.

Princess Diana: As I and many others were delighted to hear, Diana was included in the name. I was confident that they were going to give Charlotte one of her names, whether it was Diana or Frances (Diana's middle name.) William had an incredibly close connection with his mother and her memory will live on with this little princess.
Charles Spencer, Princess Diana's brother, told of his daughter's delight that she and her little relative shared the same name!

Perfect names. My 2-year old Charlotte Diana will be thrilled at cousinly name-sharing. Is at an age where thinks world revolves around her!
 Victoria Murphy, the Daily Mirror's royal correspondent, shared this interesting fact:

 Congratulations, William and Kate on your daughter Charlotte! We wish you all the best :)

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