Thursday, May 7, 2015

Press Warning Letter + Other Tidbits

Dearest Readers,
There is not much going on in the press circles about William and Kate (nor will there continue to be for the next long while), but there are are a few informal bits of news. First off, the press warning letter.
"Dear Sir/Madam, As you are aware, Anmer Hall is a part of the Sandringham Estate, which is a private estate and whilst in residence, members of the Royal Family and their guests have a more than reasonable expectation of their privacy.
"There have in the past been a number of intrusions into the privacy of the Royal Family, which in the main have been a result of professional photographers using long distance lenses, not only to observe the Royal Family, but also to photograph them going about their activities on the Estate. Following warnings have been given to the photographers and the photographic agencies involved, the position has greatly improved. However, we would remind you again of the position. The Sandringham Estate trusts that there will not be a need to take any further action other than bringing these points to your attention.
"With the above matters in mind, we would reiterate the clear request for acts of harassment and breaches of privacy to cease.
"Communications Secretary to TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge."
This has caused quite the mixed response. Some argue that Charles and Di (and the like) were much more open with their family life and the public was happy with that, while others argue that it is perfectly reasonable to request privacy for this young family. It is my opinion that William and Kate are entitled to whatever privacy they feel they need, whether it be a lot or none at all. They are private citizens, although they are public figures, and they deserve to be treated the way they see fit. As well as that. They have a one-week-old infant in the house! Nothing to ruin a walk like having a photographer capture an image of you with messy hair, bags under the eyes, and spit up all over your shirt. I certainly hope that the photographers and their agencies will follow these instructions.
Press Association
In other news, the brilliant Alison Jackson has presented us commoners with a gag royal photoshoot. This made me laugh the hardest all day :)
Alison Jackson
Alison Jackson 
You can view the rest here. In the last news of the day, the bonnet that Princess Charlotte was wearing on her debut was from Spain, a gift from nanny Maria Teresa Borallo's mother to the couple.
Press Association
As soon as the news comes, I will blog! Have a fabulous day and all the best :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

And...They're Off To Anmer

The Cambridges are off to the country and glad to be doing so. This morning William, Kate, and presumably the two youngsters (although the back windows were blacked out) drove from Kensington Palace to Anmer Hall, Norfolk, which is their country home.
GC Images
They are expected to stay there the majority of the summer. It is a secluded property, and they will have plenty of time to get to know Charlotte.  Kate and William are expected to attend the Trooping the Colour, but after that it is back to Norfolk.
Roland Moskins
Kate, looking flawless, chose her Annoushka pearls and a visually stunning 'Brisa' by Beulah London scarf. She is believed to be wearing her Jojo Maman Bebe coat she wore on her tour of Downton Abbey while still pregnant with Princess Charlotte.
VF Afterwards
 The couple is accompanied by nanny Maria Borallo, and the Middletons are going to spend the first few weeks with the couple, as well. When George was first born, the couple went to Bucklebury to spend a while with Kate's parents.
Hello! Magazine
 Here is a short video and style guess posted on Twitter:
We will next be seeing the happy family in the birth pictures that will be released in a few weeks. As soon as I catch wind of anything, I will let you know! Have a wonderful evening and good luck, Cambridges!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Queen Visits Princess Charlotte

Hello and welcome,
Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is just three days old, and is already being visited by the Queen!
This afternoon at around 3:00 the Queen paid a visit for a 1/2 hour to the new family of four at Kensington Palace. She had come straight from Norfolk, where Prince Phillip still is.
Jamie Lorriman
The Queen seemed to be in very good spirits. In other news, the official birth certificate was released today.
As we saw in George's, Kate's occupation is listed as "Princess of United Kingdom" and William's as "Prince of the United Kingdom", not as Duchess and helicopter pilot respectively. Kate is Princess William of Wales, although she prefers to go by the Duchess of Cambridge, as does William.
The Cambridges have now tied up all loose ends in London, and they are expected to retreat to Anmer Hall for the summer, not coming to London save Trooping the Colour. If they leave we are expected to receive pictures.
We also have the covers of magazines today:

Prince Charles also visited his granddaughter for the second time today. He no doubt wants to get in all the cuddle time he can before his son and family head up to Norfolk. Prince Charles has repeatedly expressed his desire for a daughter or granddaughter, so we can expect Charlotte will be cherished by him.
Rob Todd
 That is all for now! I will update as soon as something comes to light :)

Monday, May 4, 2015

HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge

Good morning!  We have a name: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. The name has beauty, simplicity, grace, and legacy.
 The Princess will be styled:  
Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Her whole name, not unlike George's is paying homage to members of the BRF. However, Charlotte's name is paying homage to William's direct relatives. Her name is also Pippa's middle name (Charlotte) and Carole's middle name (Elizabeth). Discreetly, both sides of the family have fit in. Let's have a look at the major royal players:
 Prince Charles: As Charlotte is the feminine version of Charles, it is clear who this girl was named after. Charles has been a major influence on William's (and now Kate's) life. He has been there for William and guided him in the matters of all things royal. There is a tight bond and that is now evident with the naming process.
Queen Elizabeth II: Charlotte's first middle name, Elizabeth, is honoring Queen Elizabeth. She has been a governing force in both William and Kate's lives. This is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful Queen.

Princess Diana: As I and many others were delighted to hear, Diana was included in the name. I was confident that they were going to give Charlotte one of her names, whether it was Diana or Frances (Diana's middle name.) William had an incredibly close connection with his mother and her memory will live on with this little princess.
Charles Spencer, Princess Diana's brother, told of his daughter's delight that she and her little relative shared the same name!

Perfect names. My 2-year old Charlotte Diana will be thrilled at cousinly name-sharing. Is at an age where thinks world revolves around her!
 Victoria Murphy, the Daily Mirror's royal correspondent, shared this interesting fact:

 Congratulations, William and Kate on your daughter Charlotte! We wish you all the best :)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Welcome to the World, Princess of Cambridge!

What a day! Within 12 hours, we go from the ever continued Great Kate Wait No. 2 to the happy family being at home :)
The couple looked absolutely thrilled to be with their daughter and so proud of their latest accomplishment.
People Magazine Twitter Feed
The Princess of Cambridge, as she is to be styled, weighed in at 8lbs 3oz, just a hare behind her big brother. She is the first Princess of Cambridge in 182 years. The last one was the Queen's great-grandmother. She is simply beautiful.
The events this morning progressed extremely fast. Kate was admitted to St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, at around 6:00 this morning. Less than three hours later, at 8:34 am, she gave birth.The couple decided to wait until 11:00 am to break the exciting news to the world. Prince George came to meet his little sister, and then she was presented to the world. Kate was discharged less than 12 hours after being admitted!
Getty Images
The couple opted not to talk to the press as they did with George. However, we all know a picture is worth one thousand words.
We got an unexpected photo op earlier in the day when Prince William brought Prince George to the Lindo Wing to meet his little sister for the first time.
Is he a little cutie or what?
Kate chose a bespoke Jenny Packham cream and yellow floral print for her departure dress. It fit the more low-key nature of the second baby. As always, she was the picture of perfection.
William is not returning to his job until July and Kate is abstaining even longer, giving the couple a solid few months with their two little ones. Below, we see a comparison of the two Cambridge sibs:
Mark Stewart Twitter Feed
As well as a comparison between the parents two years apart:
HuffPost Twitter Feed
All of London has turned pink in celebration of you, Princess!
Daily Express Twitter Feed

Congratulations on your newest bundle of joy, William and Kate! We are all thrilled for you and wish you and your daughter all the best. I will keep you updated as the wait for names and official pictures continues!
The Duchess Dairy Twitter Feed


This is a live blog of the progression of Kate's labor. I will be doing everything in chronological order, from the moment her labor is announced to when the birth is announced. Everything will be in London time. GO DOWN TO BOTTOM TO SEE THE MOST RECENT POST! Refresh Frequently :)

6:40 am- Kate's Labor is announced.  William himself drove her. Everyone goes wild!

7:45 am- Prime Minister David Cameron sends good luck to the couple

In a break from tradition, they made an official announcement before the hour of 8.00 am.

8:00 am - The best official live blog I can find is here at the Daily Mirror.
Simon Perry confirmed the George is at Kensington Palace with nanny Maria Borallo. The likelihood of him coming to see the baby at the hospital is low.

9:00 am- The baby (if born today) will share a birthday with Catherine the Great (!) as well as with David Beckham and Donatella Versace.

10:00 am - Nothing much yet! Kate was admitted with George at around the same time, and was in labor for around ten hours. Is it going to be a long wait is this birth takes this long! (Side note: my sleep deprivation is starting to kick in ;)

11:10 am - IT IS A GIRL! Kate was safely delivered of a girl (princess!) at 8:34 am this morning. She was 8lbs 3oz.

Woohoo! Congratulations, William and Kate! We are so excited for you!

11:30 am - The announcement (and more Tweets!)

 Town Crier announces the birth:
Press Association 
12:00 pm - The latest Kensington Palace tweet:

12:30 pm - There is speculation that Kate and William with the little Princess will be leaving the hospital today! Woohoo!

And, the Royal Navy again congratulated the couple on the flight decks of Type 23 frigate and Type 45 destroyer spelling out "Sister".
Ministry of Defense

We have the extreme excitement of the royal fans waiting outside the Lindo Wing:
Getty Images
Getty Images
And, the Tower Bridge (London Bridge) has turned pink for the celebration:

12:35 pm  - The official birth announcement! Yay!
Getty Images
Press Association
1:00 pm - Amanda Cook-Tucker (Kate's hairdresser) has been spotted going into the hospital, implying that she is leaving today!
1:50 pm - Max Foster has given us some comfort:

4:00 pm - Prince William has left the hospital to go and inform George that he has a little sis! He has said he will go and pick him up! We will get to see the whole happy family!! His press team said it will be a quick trip.

4:10 pm- Prince William said he is "very happy" about having a new daughter.

4:15 pm-  William has returned with Prince George! He gave a lovely wave to the crowd :)

He is looking as cute as ever!

This is the last time Prince George will feel like an only child with his daddy :)

Dare I say that this is the cutest Vine, ever!

4:20 pm- Imminent departure of the happy family? That is the rumor. I'll keep y'all updated :)
4:26 pm- Will it be Charlotte? It is 5/4 right now! This adorable DM article:By George I've Got a Sister!
Daddy planted a kiss on George's head <3
The Picture Library
4:30 pm- Here is a video of the duo walking into the Lindo Wing:
4:40 pm- The Queen is wearing pink for the little princess!

4:42 pm-  William and George are a copy of Charles and William 31 years ago!

5:22 pm- This cute tidbit:

Kensington Palace will give us a 30 minute warning before the family of four leaves.

5:36 pm- Prince George has left the hospital. No photo op!
5:40 pm- The couple and the Princess of Cambridge, however, will be leaving St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, this evening.

5:43 pm- The couple and their daughter are expected to leave St. Mary's within the hour! This is the first time in 180 years that we will have had a Princess of Cambridge.

5:50 pm- Here is the official announcement:

5:53 pm- They are expected to leave within 15-20 mins!!!! My heart is racing uncontrollably :)

5:55 pm- Even sooner than we thought!

6:05 pm- Any minute now!

6:10 pm- The cars are arriving!

6:10 pm-  Any second!

6:20 pm- We have seen the Princess of Cambridge! Kate, William, and the little girl look healthy and lovely :) Kate was wearing a bespoke Jenny Packham dress and looked remarkable! Unfortunately, they did not answer questions from the media this time.

6:30 pm- How lovely! We hope that the new family of four are enjoying the meet and greet time at their London home.

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