Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Anniversary to The Cambridges!

Four years ago, our eyes were glued to the TV screen, watching the "Wedding of the Century." Happy Anniversary, William and Kate! We have loved seeing your love story unfold :)

The couple famously met at their alma mater, St. Andrews. William and Kate were both involved with other people at the time of their meeting, so remained friends for what is speculated to be one year before a romance blossomed. They moved into a flat with other friends, and before they graduated moved into their own cottage a few miles out of town.
The following years were their hardest, including a painfully public breakup. The paparazzi pulled a Diana on Kate, and positively swarmed her (nothing could be done because she wasn't engaged to William yet.) William was absent most of the time, as well, because he was at the military academy Sandhurst. It was during this time that they broke up, and both parties took advantage of their freedom. Kate strutted her stuff and surely enough, she and William were back together a few months later.

Kate during one of her more famous breakup outings
They dated for the next couple years until William proposed to the then titled "Waity-Katey". They were on a trip to Kenya with friends when he whisked her off for a couple days to a private retreat, where he proposed. Kate said:
"There's a true romantic in there."
 Aww! The whole world was beyond excited at their engagement, and rushed to buy memorabilia and congratulate them. (If you want to read more about their engagement period, click here.)
At the Engagement Announcement
Their wedding day was a day to behold. She looked beautiful, he handsome, and everyone was in high sprits.
And the rest, as they say, is history! Kensington Palace said William and Kate were celebrating this year's anniversary "privately." I will update as soon as we get any whiff of Kate news! Until then :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Paps Pics + WHEN IS SHE DUE?

Hello dear readers,
Here we are again. Waiting. No news. When is she going to give birth? Not anytime soon, apparently. Pictures taken this morning indicate that Kate is still very much active. She, Prince George, nanny Maria Borallo, and 5 security officer were seen driving from Buckingham Palace this morning, presumably for Prince George's swimming lessons.
Anthony Jones
She appeared to have her engagement ring hidden underneath her fingers. Even Kate needs some time to go incognito!
Anthony Jones
In other news, William and Kate sent coffee and croissants with members of staff to the superfans waiting outside the Lindo Wing - and they were wrapped in pink ribbons. A Kensington Palace spokesperson confirmed:
"Yes, it's true. The Duke and Duchess have seen the news reports about these people camping out and just wanted to let them know that they were thinking of them."
One of the fans, Maria Scott, told the press of her delight:
"They knocked on the tent and said good morning, we have a present from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge."
Imagine that! I would be outside that wing if I could ;)
James Whatling
 Last week, OK! and PopSugar released photos of Kate and George at the Bucklebury petting zoo where she has taken him on multiple occasions before. You can view the full selection of photographs  here.
Kate is reportedly four days overdue. Who knows - their anniversary could also be Baby No. 2's birthday! We will find out soon :) Until next time - the Great Kate Wait continues!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday with the Cambridges

Hello my dear readers,
While we are waiting for Kate to go into labor, I thought it would be some fun to take one last look at her and Prince George's time together before Baby No. 2!

We first met Prince George after nine months of waiting and excitement. The joy written all over William and Kate's faces made it clear that this was a very special day and that George would lead a very special life.
A few weeks later, we got the birth pictures, taken on the Middleton's estate by Michael. They were finally a family!

We didn't truly see George again until his christening, with only twenty two guests invited. Everyone looked very happy and George looked healthy (though both parents looked rather sleep deprived :).

The next time we saw George in an official photo was for British Mother's Day. This was taken with the family in a window of Kensington Palace. It is apparent that wherever the Cambridges are, so is Lupo!

The second the plane landed in New Zealand, the world lens was focused on George (for the first time, Kate wasn't the primary focus!) George was dressed beautifully and adorably for the whole three week tour. We couldn't get enough of his cuteness!

And, of course, her self proclaimed favorite photo from the trip.

From then until late June, he was absent from official press. Kate and George did attend a polo match that his Daddy and Uncle participated in. He looked adorable in red striped overalls.

It was nice to see the family let down their guard and be themselves in public.

In late July, his celebratory birthday pictures (and consequently coins) were released. He was looking much older and Kate and William much more rested.

And then there was a lull until around Christmas, when we got a nice treat of him on the steps of Kensington Palace.

Prince George is going to be getting a sibling soon and it is going to be a shock for him, I am sure. I hope his parents are enjoying their last days with him as an only child! See you soon, if not before the LIVE BLOG of the waiting game.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I am Back!

Hello everyone!
I want to start by saying that I am so sorry that I have been taking a leave of absence! I have had a crazy couple of weeks, topped by a nasty cold, and simply haven't had the energy to do blog maintenance! I also am so sorry that I didn't cover the most recent Kate engagement, but you can visit my Other Blogs page to see those who have covered it.
IB Times
The only real Kate news of the week is that she sampled three pink paint types. This is assumed to be for the nursery, sparking speculation the baby will be a girl. The colors were: Henrietta, Antoinette, and Emile.
We will see in a few short weeks! Thank you again for being patient with me, and I promise to update soon with any Kate gossip :)

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