Monday, February 9, 2015

Mustique Returning Trip

Hiya! Kate is going to be going on an engagement on the 12th, AND we have pictures of the family returning from Mustique.
Xclusive Pix
In the series of photos taken, the family of three are ascending the stairs to the flight home. We can see William wearing his usual attire and George is wearing a new striped shirt or onesie. Kate has her glossy hair in a ponytail and is wearing her beloved J. Brand skinnies and an unidentified shirt (Maybe it is the Peter Pan collar shirt from her first pregnancy?)
Xclusive Pix
In the below shot we get a better picture of George's face. What a cutie-pie!
Xclusive Pix
Xclusive Pix
On a similar note, there are new pictures of Michael and Carole Middleton arriving in Mustique, which you can see here at the Daily Mail. If not sooner, see you on February 12th, Kate's next official engagement!

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