Friday, February 27, 2015

Kate Returns!

Hello my dear readers and I apologize for my extended hiatus,
Although there are rumors flying around that Kate was having Braxton Hicks contractions, she seems to be doing alright! Four engagements for her were announced today:

Monday, March 9 Kate will be joining William, Charles, Camilla, Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth for Commonwealth Observation in Westminster Abbey. This is a multi-faith celebration that celebrates the Commonwealth. It will be attended by a variety of people, ranging from over 1,000 school kids to politicians. This event will be similar to the Queen's Coronation Service, one imagines.
Kate in 2013 at the Queen's Coronation Service
On Wednesday, March 11, Kate will be visiting Margate. She will first visit the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery, then visiting Resort Studios. Resort Studios is another art studio and gallery collection.
On an engagement during her 2nd pregnancy

On Friday, March 13, she will join the royal family at the Service of Commemoration to mark the end of combat in Afghanistan. It will be located in St. Paul's Cathedral.
I will see you then and have a wonderful week!

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