Friday, February 27, 2015

Kate Returns!

Hello my dear readers and I apologize for my extended hiatus,
Although there are rumors flying around that Kate was having Braxton Hicks contractions, she seems to be doing alright! Four engagements for her were announced today:

Monday, March 9 Kate will be joining William, Charles, Camilla, Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth for Commonwealth Observation in Westminster Abbey. This is a multi-faith celebration that celebrates the Commonwealth. It will be attended by a variety of people, ranging from over 1,000 school kids to politicians. This event will be similar to the Queen's Coronation Service, one imagines.
Kate in 2013 at the Queen's Coronation Service
On Wednesday, March 11, Kate will be visiting Margate. She will first visit the Turner Contemporary Art Gallery, then visiting Resort Studios. Resort Studios is another art studio and gallery collection.
On an engagement during her 2nd pregnancy

On Friday, March 13, she will join the royal family at the Service of Commemoration to mark the end of combat in Afghanistan. It will be located in St. Paul's Cathedral.
I will see you then and have a wonderful week!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Kate Releases New Place2Be Video

Happy Sunday, everyone! We are seeing Kate sooner than we thought, with the recorded message by Kate for Place2Be in honor of the first annual Children's Mental Health Month.
She speaks about the importance of providing mental care for children, even comparing it to other ills (such as a broken arm). It is great that she is bringing light to this important issue.
She was wearing a Jaeger dress. See you on Tuesday!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Kate Looks Winning in White

Aaaaaaaand...Kate is back! As the long month of January has passed, we are moving back into the time of year the firm is getting busy. Today Kate visited the 1851 Trust, which is tied to the bid to win  the America's Cup.
Getty Images
Kate first announced her patronage to 1851 Trust in October 2013. Last June she visited for the first time. We see her in June 2014 below.
Getty Images
She stuck with her favorite brands today, choosing the MaxMara Studio Villar coat, Jimmy Choo's, and underneath her coat the Somerset by Alice Temperley for John Lewis 'Boats' dress. This outfit was very well thought out and fit the nautical nature of the engagement.
She took part in painting a mural, and commented that she and Prince George were trying out the activity the day before. Sounds like George is becoming a real artist. This mural has also been featured on the popular show Doctor Who!
Tim Rooke/REX
We see the final product below. Catherine painted the little people and the water reflection.
Getty Images
Before she went to the reception she greeted the throng of people that had come to see her.
Alan Davidson
Once inside, she was given a shirt for Prince George.
The reception was held in Spinnaker Tower, the tallest point being 170 meters. Kate obviously liked the view!
Getty Images
She gave the sailing winch simulator a rip while at the gathering.
Kate looked like she had a lovely time. See you on Feb. 19th! (Below I have a link to a humorous New Yorker article)
Royals are mentioned in the New Yorker!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Mustique Returning Trip

Hiya! Kate is going to be going on an engagement on the 12th, AND we have pictures of the family returning from Mustique.
Xclusive Pix
In the series of photos taken, the family of three are ascending the stairs to the flight home. We can see William wearing his usual attire and George is wearing a new striped shirt or onesie. Kate has her glossy hair in a ponytail and is wearing her beloved J. Brand skinnies and an unidentified shirt (Maybe it is the Peter Pan collar shirt from her first pregnancy?)
Xclusive Pix
In the below shot we get a better picture of George's face. What a cutie-pie!
Xclusive Pix
Xclusive Pix
On a similar note, there are new pictures of Michael and Carole Middleton arriving in Mustique, which you can see here at the Daily Mail. If not sooner, see you on February 12th, Kate's next official engagement!
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