Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy 33rd, Kate!

I would like to get going by saying a huge Happy Birthday to our lovely Kate! She turns 33 today and according to People,  Kate is spending the day 'privately' at Amner Hall on the Sandringham Estate. She is believed to be joined by her parents and siblings (William and George too, of course!) In honor of her 33rd, this will be 33 times Kate was kicking butt, being perfect, and just being awesome. Here we go!

1.                                     Because it takes some guts to don this dress!
Getty Images
2.                                Her first speech is watched by millions. And she pulls it off.

3.                                                          She has The. Best. Hair. Ever.
4.                                                    She looks fabulous in everything.
Casual Wear
5.                                                                        Everything.
Kuala Lumpur
 6.                                                           Did I mention everything?
Outside the hospital after the birth of George
7.                               She is cool while under pressure (of a NBA star hugging her)

8.                                                               She has the moves.
Look at William!
  9.                                                     Kate is willing to try this.

10.                   On one of her first official engagements after having George. Yes, this is real ;)

11.                                     She looks awesome when 7 1/2 months pregnant.

12.                                                And even better at eight months.

13.                          She is even a wizard with elegance (and we get to see her quirks!)
14.                                                   Her enthusiasm for everything sports.

15.                                                             And sporting events.

   16.                          She did a 72 hour tour of New York while 5 months pregnant.

17.                                            And, let's face it, she has perfect teeth.

18.                                                             This whole outfit.

19.                                                         Head-throwing-back laughs

20.      Looking elegant at all times...(this was the day Closer published grossly invasive pictures)

21.                                                     Watching her be a mom (Aww!)

22.                                                    A little more awkward dancing....

23.                                        ...Which inevitably leads to the best dressed list.

24.                                                    Who else wears 3D glasses well?

25.               She survived two bouts of hyperemesis gravidarum (acute morning sickness)

26.                                                       Her "I'm Listening" face.

27.                                                  And her "Let's charm them" look :)

28.         While surrounded by William, Beyonce, and Jay-Z, she still is the center of attention.

29.                                                           She and William are perfect together.

30.                                                       Let's face it: Kate has a huge heart.

31.                                                    And gives the best side eye ever.
32.      Even though she has a lot on her back, she always manages to look eager and ready to go.

33.                                  She has made it this far! Many more to you, Kate!

We will be seeing you on the 15th for a stream of engagements prior to the annual Mustique getaway with the Middletons. Until next time!

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