Monday, January 19, 2015

Kate is Lovely in Séraphine

Kate simply glowed in the winter sun today as she toured the various areas of Kensington. She was close to home today, first going to a Family Friends coffee group.
Beretta Sims
Associated Press
Kate proved once again that Séraphine is her maternity label. Both her coat and dress were the label.
She was presented with a bouquet of flowers by little Ryan Dixon, who proved too shy to give them to her!

Getty Images
As his mom said:
"I don't know what made him so shy, normally he is really outgoing!" 
Kate understood and replied "I would be nervous too!" :)
Getty Images
She then opened the Kensington Aldridge Academy, a performing arts school for Northern Kensington, with pupils ranging from 11 to 18 years old.
She met the staff and pupils, then toured the building and sat in on a lesson. She then stopped at the Kensington Leisure Center.
Associated Press 

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