Friday, January 23, 2015

Annual Mustique Vacation

Yesterday, the Cambridges and Middletons kicked off their annual vacation in Mustique. While this is always a nice break for the Cambridges, it is especially important this year as it is also Carole Middleton's big 6-0 on the 31st.
This has been an annual vacation for Kate's whole life. They made it their annual holiday when the Middletons were working for British Airways and would receive a significant discount when buying tickets. They now stay in the luxurious Villa Rocina. It boasts a 30ft pool, fabulous views, and an open-air living room.
Mustique Island
Mustique Island
Who wouldn't want to stay there? According to other passengers on the flight from London to St. Lucia,  George was 'impeccably behaved' and was entertained by stuffed animals during the flight. There is a possibility that pictures were taken between their departing from one plane and onto the private plane that flew them to their island . Below, we see the cover of Hello magazine and the cover last year.
We hope they have a wonderful holiday and can't wait to see them next! If any photos are published, I will post! Have a lovely weekend :)

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