Sunday, December 14, 2014

Prince George Poses in Christmas Pictures!

In a surprise move, the Palace has released three pictures of the (growing ever-cuter) Prince George.
PA Wire
These pictures were actually taken by Prince Harry's private secretary, Edward Lane-Fox, who used to be a professional photographer. Kate and William are showing they have no pattern for who photographs the official portraits, choosing everyone from Michael Middleton to Jason Bell and Mario Testino.
Getty Images
From Matthew Drake's Mirror Article:
"Dressed in a smart knitted tank top jumper emblazoned with Coldstream guards, the one-year-old sat happily in the palace courtyard...The 30 pound jumper is believed to be the creation of English brand Cath Kidston, famed for brightly coloured home designs, clothing, and accessories."

This next picture(the final one) is my favorite. How about you?
PA Wire
The last official picture we got of Prince George was in July, commemorating his 1st birthday.
Getty Images
Many are also noting the similarity to William as a small boy.

Personally, I think he looks like Kate as a young child (the cheeks!)
Middleton Family
What a cutie!


In other Royal news, Kate did the now famous 'royal side-eye'. I do admit, it made me chuckle!
Vanity Fair published an article about tailing Kate for the America trip entitled "Magnificent Hair and Hushed Tones: What I Learned Trailing Kate Middleton for Three Days" Here are a few excerpts:
"Kate Middleton shakes a lot of hands. At one point, while watching her at a lunchtime reception on Tuesday, I thought I'd try to keep track of how many hands she shook over a ten minute span. Within 30 minutes, she must have greeted about 60 people, individually, with a hand shake and a brief conversation."
For more you can go here. Have a wonderful afternoon and happy Sunday!

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