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Kate the Great: A Year in Review

Hello and Happy New Year's Eve!
Since I have only been blogging since July, I will be covering (very briefly) Kate's year since then. Let's go!

Kate started off the month with a bright pink dress to Blessed Sacrament School in Islington. This was part of her Place2Be charity efforts.

She then went to Wimbledon (twice) and started the Tour de France. She was very in her element at the sporting events!

Later in the month little George's first birthday pictures were released.

They wrapped up July with a trip to support the Commonwealth Games:

August was a relatively sparse month, with Kate performing only two engagements, the first of which was going to Belgium to commemorate WWI.

The very next day they headed to the Tower of London to see the Sea of Poppies exhibits:

In September, we (of course!) got the very exciting news that Kate was expecting their second child. Unfortunately, she had Hypermesis Gravidarum again, so no engagements were carried out this month.

Kate was out of the spotlight until October 17, when the Singapore State visit took place.

That evening she slipped into a baby blue gown for a National Portrait Gallery gala.

The last engagement of the month was an Action on Addiction gala.

The month was started with a visit to Wales:

We then saw Kate attend the Remembrance Day services and a SportsAid workshop.

The Royal Variety Performance was this month's best engagement, in my opinion. Kate looked lovely in DVF and once again proved that she is classy no matter what!

She hosted a gala in Kensington Palace for Place2Be and also went on a hospice visit, leaving only December to go!

This month will be remembered as the "USA" month, for sure. They did everything and met everyone humanly possible in three days! The tour ended on a lovely note with her Jenny Packham ink blue evening gown.

Prince George's Christmas pictures were also released.

Kate participated in a Scouts workshop, as well.

And, of course, Christmas services.

Have a lovely New Year's Eve, a happy New Year, and all the best to everyone! Which were your favorites of this year?

Kate's Christmas

Hello everyone!
SO sorry for not posting up until now! I have had a crazy busy holiday season and I finally have some time for blogging. Without further ado, let us head to A Kate Christmas!
Getty Images
As usual, 'The Firm' attended Christmas Mass at Saint Mary Magdalene, which is near their Sandringham estate.
The Queen was very, well, neon in her bright purple coat and hat by Angela Kelly.
And back to Kate. She was looking very warm in a Moloh coat. We see the coat in an advertisement.

And also on her person!
The 3,000 strong crowd came to see the royal family, and they certainly delivered.
I hope your Christmas was well and pop by later for Kate the Great: A Year in Review!

Monday, December 22, 2014

What DO William and Kate do for the Holidays?

For all the new royal watchers out there, here is a summary of how the family celebrates Christmas.
Christmas Day 2011
Kate, William, George, and Lupo are all currently in Amner Hall, which is a house on the Sandringham estate. Sandringham is where the royal family celebrates Christmas, so it works out perfectly. It is now being speculated that Carole and Michael will be spending Christmas with the couple because they have their own mansion (I thought 'shack' was a little informal ;) where everyone is welcome.
2013, on their way to Christmas services
Most everyone will arrive at Sandringham on Christmas Eve, so there will be entertaining on the Queen's part. The Queen arrived at Sandringham on Thursday, and the couple has been speculated to have been there a while. At 4pm, after all the guests have arrived, there is tea in the Drawing Room. That is when they open the majority of the gifts for each other.
Christmas 2011
What do you get for the family that has everything? Jokes, of course! From People Magazine:
"'The crazier and more quirky is what they love. It's not about something really nice or a Cartier watch...Prince Phillip would get a peppermill with a light on it and he would think it was hilarious."
Christmas 2012
There is then dinner at 8:30, which involves "something festive, some game, like pheasant or venison, and roasted wintery vegetables, like parsnips."
Christmas Eve 2011
On Christmas Day, before appearing to the crowds, the men go down for breakfast and the women take it in their rooms. The church service at St. Mary Magdalene's follows. After church, they walk home.
Christmas Day 2013
This is about what it is going to be like this year, as it has all other years. Do not expect to see Prince George, though. Only when children are old enough to hold conversation and eat with a fork and knife are they allowed at the Christmas dinners and such.
Christmas Day 2013
Have a wonderful afternoon and see y'all soon!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's Katherine Hooker for Christmas Luncheon

Kate is back and sparkling! For the Queen's Annual Luncheon, Kate recycled the Katherine Hooker from November.
Remember this one?
Royal photographer Mark Stewart chronicled the events:

The guests also included extended members of the Royal family.
Tim Rooke/REX
 So, what happens at a Christmas Luncheon? It is a luncheon with drinks after. Her Majesty is said to take attendance very seriously, and you can see that in the volumes of royals that attend. It is also an opportunity for members who are choosing to spend Christmas elsewhere besides Sandringham to wish the Queen a Merry Christmas. Below we see the family (with George and nanny Maria Borallo in the backseat) exiting the gathering.
Tim Rooke/REX
A close-up of Kate's jewelry today:
Tim Rooke/REX

She was wearing her Mappin and Webb "Fortune" Pendant and a pair of unknown earrings.
Mappin and Webb
We see Princes Harry and Charles arriving:
Tim Rooke/REX
Tim Rooke/REX

And of course, little George!
Mark Stewart
Have a wonderful evening and, if not sooner, see you (and Kate) Christmas Day! I will probably blog about it the day after, due the the volume of food that is required to consume :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kate Goes Gangsta' in a Hoodie

With a surprise engagement today, Kate made a fashion statement while supporting the important message of the Scouts.
Getty Images/AFP
Kate has been very active in the Scouts throughout her marriage, at one point during their time in Angelsey throwing a beach party for the local group. Below we see Kate last year (pregnant with George) doing an outdoor camp with the Scouts.

Tonight the Duchess joined the Beaver Scouts in East London, part of the Better Prepared Project. It was a very creative evening as Kate helped kids aged five through eight learn what it is like to have disabilities.
The activities included frosting a cupcake and navigating through various obstacles blindfolded and learning sign language. Below, Kate is trying to chop a chocolate bar with boxing gloves on.
AFP/Getty Images

She then helped with getting the kids through obstacles:

She then frosted cupcakes blind with a little boy and helped a little girl eat with chopsticks:
AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images
Can't you just see her doing this with George?
AFP/Getty Images
She shakes his hand after the deed is done.
AFP/Getty Images
And of the little girl:
A very happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish readers, and I will be seeing you later this week for the Queen's pre-Christmas luncheon!
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