Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kate Looks Stunning in DVF

WOW. That is what I have to start this post with. At the Royal Variety Performance tonight, Kate and William had heads turning. In a DVF masterpiece, Kate truly shined.
This is the first time the couple have attended the performance, as the position usually falls to either the Monarch or the Prince of Wales. This tradition started in 1912 when King George V and his wife Mary went to see the show, and has continued ever since.
I am really quite impressed with Kate's choice tonight. There was little speculation as to whether Kate was going to wear a new evening gown or not, but the real question was what kind of gown it would be. The last dress that knocked my socks off like this one was the beautiful Alexander McQueen in Singapore.
I absolutely love that Kate put her hair up and wore her lovely Kiki McDonough earrings. Everything about this outfit was something that we get once in a rare while.
Okay, sorry for the distraction. Kate and William were greeted by Andrew Lloyd Webber and his wife.
Justin Goff

As fans of royals and pop royalty collide, the boy band One Direction and the royal couple had a chance to meet. This is certainly a first!
Afterwards, band members Harry Styles (pictured above) and Liam Payne told the press: "I said congratulations on the bump even though she didn't look very bumpy" (Harry) "It's the most nervous I think I've ever been in my life." (Liam).
Tim Rooke/REX
This event is hosted in the aid of EAFB - Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund, a charity dedicated to helping the elderly, former, or disabled members of the entertainment business.
Carole also wore a strikingly similar gown. I can imagine them going on a shopping date and picking out the perfect outfit together!
The gown Kate chose for tonight is the Diane von Furstenburg "Zarita" Evening Dress. This is an incredibly elegant choice for all the fashionistas out there! Unfortunately, most sizes are currently sold out.
Diane Von Furstenburg
She also wore her sky-high Jimmy Choo "Cosmic" pumps:
Jimmy Choo
You can view the video below, which is a short clip of the arrival/key points of the visit:

That is all for now! Kate looked wonderful and I can safely say that this is one of my favorite looks on her yet! See you all soon!
Justin Goff


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