Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kate Makes an Interesting Choice for Place2Be Awards Ceremony

Hello! Tonight Kate presented the Place2Be "Wellbeing in School" Awards. The ceremony was held in the State Apartments in Kensington Palace.
Tonight was the first ever awards ceremony, making it all the more special that Kate not only was in attendance but that it was hosted in the State Apartments of Kensington Palace. Kate has been the patron of Place2Be since 2013 (but has been involved since as early as 2008, when she held the now famous roller disco partly in their honor), and this reflects her interest in children's mental health. She has been to several conferences on this matter, furthering her dedication to this charity.
Place2Be has a very special program. They have primarily in-school counselors, and try to intervene with family problems as early and quickly as possible. it is estimated, with their counseling, they have helped over 40,000 children in public schools alone.
One little girl wrote this letter:
Kate wrote this forward to the ceremony, saying
"It is wonderful that this important area of children's mental health is being recognized with these inaugural Awards."
Ryan Hopper via Twitter
Anyways, back to the present. Kate wore a Hobbs black top and a Jenny Packham silky blue shirt.
I am not a fan of this outfit, personally. I think it is very awkward and not well matched. This seems to be the general consensus between the commenters, as well.
The award ended up going to 11 year old Bailey Dunne.
I would like to end on the note that I will be gone for the next week, so if you want Kate updates feel free to visit my Other Blogs page! Thank you so much for reading and see you all soon!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Next Week's Engagement and Royal Fact of the Day

First and foremost, I found this cool fact while scrolling throughout Twitter.
Queen Elizabeth I was quite an amazing woman. She was the ruler of England, though she was a woman and never married. In fact, she had one of the longest reigns of any monarch for hundreds of years.
Wikipedia Commons
She had smallpox when she was a young woman, that is why her skin is so deathly pale in all her portraits (she used lots of powder to cover them up.) Anyways, that was a cool little tidbit for today!
As well as that, E!Online has just published a info graphic on all the fascinators Kate has ever worn! If you are interested, look here.

On a second note, I will be absent from the computer from the 20th through the 30th, effectively cutting me out from quite a few of her engagements. I will be back for the tour of New York/Washington D.C., though! If you still want coverage but don't know where to turn, take a look at my Other Blogs page. I am very sorry I couldn't be here for this! Have a wonderful day and see you before the 20th if any news pops up!'
Indian Express

Sunday, November 16, 2014

4 Years Ago...

Hello, and happy Sunday to you! As some of us devoted Royal watchers may know, exactly four years ago William and Kate announced their engagement.
The Official Press Conference
They got secretly engaged in the mountains of Kenya in late October, but kept it a precious secret for another few weeks. Their last appearance before announcing the engagement was to the wedding of Harry Meade and Rosie Bradford. Many said that this was the first sign to them knowing that the couple was engaged...they looked almost like they had a secret (which they did!) This was also the first wedding they entered and exited together, signifying they were ready.
Of course, they were enormously excited! This is a prominent day for us Royal Watchers! If you care to know more about their whole engagement period, you can view the comprehensive post right HERE! See you soon!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kate and William to go Stateside

William and Kate are headed in the right direction...or should I say west! From December 7-9, the royal couple are going to be in New York and Washington DC. This is especially exciting for those of us who are in the US and in New York! The city is absolutely stunning this time of year, as well, so the couple is in for a treat.
In California, 2011
The couple last visited the United States in 2011, right after their tour (and on their way home from) in Canada. They seemed to enjoy themselves and I am sure they will enjoy the East Coast as well.
New York Skyline
More from the press release:
"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit the USA between 7th and 9th December 2014.

Their Royal Highnesses will travel to New York for a programme of engagements which will also see the Duke visit Washington DC for a day, while the Duchess remains in New York.

The charitable themes will include promoting sustainable conservation issues with a particular focus on collaborative working to tackle the illegal wildlife trade, and also supporting organizations which reflect Their Royal Highnesses' interest in young people's mental health and the importance supporting disadvantaged young people from an early age. As Patron of the University of St. Andrews 600th Anniversary campaign, The Duke accompanied by the Duchess will also attend the University's 600th Anniversary Gala Dinner in New York.

During the visit, the Duke and Duchess will also visit the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center to pay their respects for the nearly 3,000 people who died in the attacks of 26th February, 1993 and 11th September, 2001."
As the post goes on, I will cover in more detail the events.
The Duchess on the 2011 tour
Monday, December 8:
William will travel to Washington DC while Kate remains in New York.The Duke will attend an anti-corruption conference at the World Bank, discussing a zero tolerance approach on illegal wildlife trade. The conference will be influenced by United for Wildlife, an organization of which William is the president.This is something that is near and dear to William's heart, so one imagines he is excited for this.
William and Charles at a United for Wildlife conference

As they say, while William is away, the Kate will play! Kate will be accompanied by the First Lady of New York to visit a local child development center. They will learn about the how this organization help facilitate a healthy environment for children and providing high quality mental health and education services. Kate will then attend a lunch hosted by the British Consul in New York, celebrating British culture in New York. And, coming to my favorite part, the couple will reunite in the evening to attend a NBA game.
Kate playing netball in 2013
Tuesday, December 9:
To start off the day, Kate and William will carry out a joint engagement, visiting a youth organization to see the work they carry out (this is in partnership with a local inner city youth program). They will learn about the services these organizations offer and how they help implement them.
More on this day's engagements:
"The Duke and Duchess will then attend an event celebrating the wealth of British talent in the creative industries in New York. The reception will be in association with the UK government's GREAT campaign (you can read more about that here)"
William will then attend a technology themed event while Kate takes the afternoon off.
One of the GREAT campaigns featuring them
The last engagement, of course, will be the St. Andrews Gala. This is a formal wear event, so we can safely assume she will be wearing a gown (maybe the infamous Temperley lace gown....too soon? :) William is the patron of the organization and since they went there, it is very fitting.
At a St. Andrews Gala
I hope Kate will wear at least one American designer on this whirlwind tour! Her sartorial choices during  tours have sparked quite the debate in years past, so let us see!
Kate in Michael Kors
My brother lives in New York - I certainly hope he takes some pictures for me! See you all very soon :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Kate Looks Stunning in DVF

WOW. That is what I have to start this post with. At the Royal Variety Performance tonight, Kate and William had heads turning. In a DVF masterpiece, Kate truly shined.
This is the first time the couple have attended the performance, as the position usually falls to either the Monarch or the Prince of Wales. This tradition started in 1912 when King George V and his wife Mary went to see the show, and has continued ever since.
I am really quite impressed with Kate's choice tonight. There was little speculation as to whether Kate was going to wear a new evening gown or not, but the real question was what kind of gown it would be. The last dress that knocked my socks off like this one was the beautiful Alexander McQueen in Singapore.
I absolutely love that Kate put her hair up and wore her lovely Kiki McDonough earrings. Everything about this outfit was something that we get once in a rare while.
Okay, sorry for the distraction. Kate and William were greeted by Andrew Lloyd Webber and his wife.
Justin Goff

As fans of royals and pop royalty collide, the boy band One Direction and the royal couple had a chance to meet. This is certainly a first!
Afterwards, band members Harry Styles (pictured above) and Liam Payne told the press: "I said congratulations on the bump even though she didn't look very bumpy" (Harry) "It's the most nervous I think I've ever been in my life." (Liam).
Tim Rooke/REX
This event is hosted in the aid of EAFB - Entertainment Artistes' Benevolent Fund, a charity dedicated to helping the elderly, former, or disabled members of the entertainment business.
Carole also wore a strikingly similar gown. I can imagine them going on a shopping date and picking out the perfect outfit together!
The gown Kate chose for tonight is the Diane von Furstenburg "Zarita" Evening Dress. This is an incredibly elegant choice for all the fashionistas out there! Unfortunately, most sizes are currently sold out.
Diane Von Furstenburg
She also wore her sky-high Jimmy Choo "Cosmic" pumps:
Jimmy Choo
You can view the video below, which is a short clip of the arrival/key points of the visit:

That is all for now! Kate looked wonderful and I can safely say that this is one of my favorite looks on her yet! See you all soon!
Justin Goff

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's GOAT for SportsAid Workshop

Kate is back and looking wonderful. At SportsAid today, Kate met with 30 sixteen to twenty-year-old Olympic hopefuls in a workshop hosted at the GSK Human Performance Lab, in Brenford, West London.
David Parker/MailOnline
Kate has gone on numerous engagements before, having picked up the organization as it's ambassador in early 2013. Kate always looks very in her element while at these sports workshops, ad she is a keen sportswoman as well.
David Parker/MailOnline
Kate looked on as they were taking part in a series of assessments about the minute details that can impact one's performance.
David Parker/MailOnline
Eager to take part in the activities, Kate took two cognitive tests to experience a semblance of what the athletes had been doing. They measured her reaction time as well as skill of movement:
David Parker/MailOnline
David Parker/MailOnline
Before Kate started the test, she exclaimed "Finally, something I can do while I am pregnant!" :)
David Parker/MailOnline
SportsAid is an absolutely wonderful program helping young athletes achieve their dreams of going to the Olympics and beyond. Research done in 2012 shows that these athletes:

  • Train for more than 15 hours a week on top of school and home commitments
  • Travel upwards of 650 miles a month for competitions 
  • Spend more than $10,000 a year on equipment and such
What a great thing!
Now, to what she wore. Kate was bedecked in a lovely plum colored sheath by GOAT, the brand that we just saw her in this July.
David Parker/MailOnline
This is theVreeland Dress in Iris:

Kate wore a strikingly similar one to another SportsAid workshop this summer:
Kate's boots were the Russell and Bromley's "Half n' Half".
Russell and Bromley
Here is a short video of the engagement:
That's all for now, folks! Come back tomorrow for the Royal Variety Performance coverage!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Remembrance Day 2014

Sorry for the late post! I will be briefly covering Remembrance Day!

Kate looked lovely in an over $2000 Alexander McQueen coat dress. You can see Sophie is wearing a similar design, also by McQueen.

You can see that she is wearing the same hat from a few years ago:

Sorry for the briefness of this post: I will get back to you about this in much more detail (If you want to get a more in depth description, you can check here or here.)
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