Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kate Wears Temperley for Action On Addiction Gala

We get quite a few engagements in one week! I am rather surprised, given that Kate has been sick and out of the spotlight for so long. Tonight she went to a gala for Action on Addiction, one of her longstanding and favorite charities.
Tim Rooke
I know, I know. The dress is a bit...much. Not only does it have the conflicting lines and angles with the nude liner; but she also wore a nude liner (all us ladies know what a faux pas this is). I think that the dress was well chosen for the night (not too sparkly, given the PINK carpet and the cause, and also a good length). I would say to tone it down a little, but other than that it really looked great. And....we got a baby bump shot!
Max Mumby
She is in the 'golden' trimester, and she is feeling better, so everything really seems to be alright. It is rumored that during the party a guest asked her what she was expecting (a boy or girl) and Kate didn't answer so...guess we will have to wait another few months!
Alan Davidson
Of course, Kate has been a patron of Action on Addiction for a few years now, and she is very invested in it. As the charity itself said:

"Her Royal Highness has brought much needed attention to a problem that affects a great many lives and in so doing helps challenge stigma."

Sounds like Kate to me :)
Action On Addiction Website
She has gone several times before:
To the Hope House, which was the first engagement she undertook after recovering from HG the first time;
Fashion Magazine
And again during her pregnancy with George (in one of her most beautiful outfits);
The Hollywood Gossip
Most recently, this July, in her pink Goat dress:
My Fashion Daily
She also went on a relatively un-pressed engagement earlier this year to the Cloud House. Back to to now, though! Kate said a few words, but was there mostly to hear others tell their stories.
Press Association
Splash News
Kate seemed to be genuinely enjoying herself; she was smiling the whole time and laughing with the other guests.
Press Association
I am glad Kate is feeling better and the storm seems to be over. We will be seeing her again sometime within the next few weeks, when I am not sure! It would not seem proper to end today without mentioning Prince George's christening was exactly one year ago today.
Jason Bell/Camera Press
Have a lovely evening and see you all soon!

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