Saturday, October 18, 2014

Are These Old Photos?

I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday! I certainly am; but there has been some controversy about the recent photos published by NY Daily News. Allegedly, these are photos from Kate's first pregnancy with George. However, there are some points to consider:
NY Daily News
1) They were pictured leaving Dr. Alan Farthing's office. He is the leader of the delivery team for this boy/girl, but Dr. Marcus Setchell headed up the delivery team for Georgie. It is possible they would be visiting Dr. Farthing during her first pregnancy, because he was part of the delivery team as well, but it is much more likely that they would visit Dr. Setchell the first time around.
Dr. Setchell is in the middle, while Farthing is on the far right.
2) Arguments were made because it looked wet and cold (a big surprise for London in October!), and there were claims it was sunny that day.  Guess what: It was raining! @bronyawebb expressed the rain in an Instagram post. Note the slick pavement, just as in the pictures:
From Berkshire to Buckingham
I also believe this was a paparazzi shot. A random passerby would hardly be in the same (cold, wet) place for a half hour at the least, waiting for them. Anyways, thanks for enduring the diatribe! See you soon!
Hello! Magazine

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