Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Quick Royal News

I just stumbled upon this article; thought you all would like it:
The Daily Beast - Queen Tweets For First Time

Kate, William, and George in Balmoral

Hello! Today we have two lovely pieces of news: Kate and her brood have flown to Aberdeen (presumably to visit Balmoral for the weekend), and the Telegraph has released a few pictures taken in late July of Kate and George. Let's start with the latter.


This morning, the Telegraph released photos of Kate, George and their security personnel Emma Roberts roaming the Bucklebury Farm Park, a nice place to take kids with lots of activities and things to keep the youngsters busy.
Bucklebury Farm Park
This photo comes with a cute story featuring a man and his family, who were also planning to visit the Farm. They stopped with a flat tire and the security personnel for Kate and family came running out, making sure they weren't a security threat.
"Mr. De Marco said moments after he stopped his BMW on the side of a country road on Thursday, they were surrounded by officers. However, he said they soon put their guns away when they realized the family was not a threat - and then tried to help them repair their tire."
Smashing, as they say. 
@Elou71 Twitter Feed
This is the only photo we currently have. This looks accurate for the time of year (George looks around the age he was in the birthday picture) and they are dressed appropriately.
Hello! Magazine


Kate, William and George  appear to be in Balmoral right now. A few people excitedly saw them on the plane, and it spread through social media rapid-fire.
Shannon Grace Dyer Twitter Feed
It was a direct flight from Heathrow to Aberdeen, so one can safely assume they planned to fly into Balmoral via helicopter from there.
Wikipedia Commons
They usually go in the late summer and early fall, so not as many people are there now. All the senior Royals are back at their duties. It seems as though the family will have their run of the place. Balmoral is an absolutely beautiful place to vacation, and a great place for privacy.
One can imagine walking down the paths of the River Dee, with the fall breeze blowing in the air. From my trips there, I can assure you that it is most certainly a place one could never tire of.
We all hope they are having a wonderful vacation, and I am sure that Prince George is having fun being outside with his mummy and daddy!
Have a lovely day! See you soon!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Kate Wears Temperley for Action On Addiction Gala

We get quite a few engagements in one week! I am rather surprised, given that Kate has been sick and out of the spotlight for so long. Tonight she went to a gala for Action on Addiction, one of her longstanding and favorite charities.
Tim Rooke
I know, I know. The dress is a bit...much. Not only does it have the conflicting lines and angles with the nude liner; but she also wore a nude liner (all us ladies know what a faux pas this is). I think that the dress was well chosen for the night (not too sparkly, given the PINK carpet and the cause, and also a good length). I would say to tone it down a little, but other than that it really looked great. And....we got a baby bump shot!
Max Mumby
She is in the 'golden' trimester, and she is feeling better, so everything really seems to be alright. It is rumored that during the party a guest asked her what she was expecting (a boy or girl) and Kate didn't answer so...guess we will have to wait another few months!
Alan Davidson
Of course, Kate has been a patron of Action on Addiction for a few years now, and she is very invested in it. As the charity itself said:

"Her Royal Highness has brought much needed attention to a problem that affects a great many lives and in so doing helps challenge stigma."

Sounds like Kate to me :)
Action On Addiction Website
She has gone several times before:
To the Hope House, which was the first engagement she undertook after recovering from HG the first time;
Fashion Magazine
And again during her pregnancy with George (in one of her most beautiful outfits);
The Hollywood Gossip
Most recently, this July, in her pink Goat dress:
My Fashion Daily
She also went on a relatively un-pressed engagement earlier this year to the Cloud House. Back to to now, though! Kate said a few words, but was there mostly to hear others tell their stories.
Press Association
Splash News
Kate seemed to be genuinely enjoying herself; she was smiling the whole time and laughing with the other guests.
Press Association
I am glad Kate is feeling better and the storm seems to be over. We will be seeing her again sometime within the next few weeks, when I am not sure! It would not seem proper to end today without mentioning Prince George's christening was exactly one year ago today.
Jason Bell/Camera Press
Have a lovely evening and see you all soon!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kate Dazzles with 2 Engagements in One Day!

KATE IS BACK! She went on two engagements today; one to greet the Singapore President and First Lady, and an evening engagement for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award 2014.
To start: The Greeting of the President and his wife!
Press Association
Kate wore a stunning Alexander McQueen bespoke coat dress, and a Jenny Packham clutch. She looked polished, sleek, and ready to jump back into the world of fame again!
Getty Images

While she still looked tired, Kate proved that she is on the mend, and clearly enjoyed herself at both engagements.
Tim Rooke and REX
The couple greeted Mr. and Mrs. Tony Tan and the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington. This is so close to their house that William joked they could see their bedroom window from the room.
Press Association
Press Association
They then went and viewed a formal greeting for the President and First Lady. There was a luncheon afterwards, which William attended but Kate did not. One can imagine that all those different smells could trigger something rather unfortunate in Kate.
Alan Davidson
Andrew Parsons
Ian Jones
That engagement ended fairly early, at around noon, so Kate had the rest of the day to pretty herself up. Come the evening....
Arthur Edwards
...Kate pulled a shocker. This is 100%, totally, absolutely, something I would never expect Kate to wear. And it is by Jenny Packham (one of her go-go brands)!I am not a fan of the dress, but many others are. It is very...un-Kate, in my opinion. But, it did look nice on her, and I didn't hate it, so while it isn't on my Hate list, it most certainly isn't one I will be begging her to rewear.
Tim Rooke
She certainly knew everyone was going to be watching, and pulled out the big guns for them.  This dress showed off her toned legs very well, as well as her flashy "Agata" heels from L.K. Bennett.
LK Bennett
Her clutch was a custom McQueen creation (this is one on the McQueen site that looks very similar).
Alexander McQueen

The dress looked demure when she wasn't walking, though.
Arthur Edwards

Arthur Edwards
Kate presented awards to the winners of the photography contest:
Arthur Edwards
I would like to note her hair looked FAB! I love this hair on her and she has taken to wearing it in a more casual style. 
Arthur Edwards
All-in-all, it was a great day for Kate watching! We are all so happy Kate is back, and we hope to see her again in the near future! I'll be back with another post soon. Have a lovely evening!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Kate is Due in April!

Happy days are here again! We not only got news of Kate's due-month, but we also got wind of TWO engagements tomorrow!
First and foremost, the Palace announced today that Kate is due in April, as we all have figured.
The Palace WILL NOT  release a due date, contrary to what many believe. A lot of people in the Kate blogosphere are speculating that she is due in mid-to-late April. The media stakeout will begin on April 1, just in case.
This is very exciting! The release also stated that Kate is 'steadily improving', which is a good sign for the future! This also means Kate is 12 weeks along.  I bet she is feeling much better by now; the worst of it seems to be over.
With the statement of her due-month, the Palace also scheduled in another engagement for tomorrow (a good thing because Kate thinks she will have enough stamina to go a whole day)!

"The Duchess of Cambridge will also attend the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 Awards Ceremony at the Natural History Museum on Tuesday 21st October."

She is the Royal Patron of the Natural History Museum, taking over Diana, Princess of Wales's position. Kate has visited multiple times, in the Peace and Love Shirtdress, in her stunning Temperley evening gown, and also for Prince George's 1st birthday pictures.
Since this is an evening event, and Kate is presumably showing at least a little, we might be able to see a maternity evening gown on Kate (a first!).
Have a wonderful evening and see you tomorrow for her day in the spotlight!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Are These Old Photos?

I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday! I certainly am; but there has been some controversy about the recent photos published by NY Daily News. Allegedly, these are photos from Kate's first pregnancy with George. However, there are some points to consider:
NY Daily News
1) They were pictured leaving Dr. Alan Farthing's office. He is the leader of the delivery team for this boy/girl, but Dr. Marcus Setchell headed up the delivery team for Georgie. It is possible they would be visiting Dr. Farthing during her first pregnancy, because he was part of the delivery team as well, but it is much more likely that they would visit Dr. Setchell the first time around.
Dr. Setchell is in the middle, while Farthing is on the far right.
2) Arguments were made because it looked wet and cold (a big surprise for London in October!), and there were claims it was sunny that day.  Guess what: It was raining! @bronyawebb expressed the rain in an Instagram post. Note the slick pavement, just as in the pictures:
From Berkshire to Buckingham
I also believe this was a paparazzi shot. A random passerby would hardly be in the same (cold, wet) place for a half hour at the least, waiting for them. Anyways, thanks for enduring the diatribe! See you soon!
Hello! Magazine

Friday, October 17, 2014

Kate and William Spotted in London

Joyful days are here at last! Kate and William were spotted coming and going from a doctors appointment!
NY Daily News
They were visiting Kate's gynecologist Dr. Alan Farthing, who was part of the delivery team for Prince George. It is being speculated that this was for the twelve-week scan. If these rumors are so, we should be getting an announcement any day about what Kate's due month is.
NY Daily News
It is so good to see Kate smiling, especially after the trying times of having HG. Walking out, William was seen carrying an envelope, presumably with photos of the ultrasound. They will know the gender now! They both look very excited.
NY Daily News
As you can see here, her figure is growing (slightly?...not very much :). This is the first time they have been spotted out since August 5, when they undertook the engagement with the Tower of London Poppy display.
Glamour Magazine
Kate was wearing her Aquatalia Boots, but her other pieces of clothing are unknown.

It seems that because Kate was seen out and about (smiling, nonetheless) she will be present for the next engagement. I am so excited!
The pair in Singapore
If not sooner, see you all on Tuesday! Have a lovely weekend :)
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