Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prince William has Arrived in Malta; Kate is feeling "So-So"

Prince William has arrived in Malta, today going on a number of engagements in place of Kate, who is still suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Even though Kate couldn't make it, William is proving to be a huge hit, with many thousands of people turning out to see him.
Getty Images/Daily Mail
William is being accompanied by his right hand man Sir David Manning, and rather surprisingly, Kate's right hand woman, Rebecca Deacon. Rebecca was a key in planning this trip, though, so it seems only right she be the one supervising the thing.
Daily Mail/Getty Images
He said his wife was feeling "so-so" and that is the classic British understatement, so we can assume Kate is still feeling pretty horrible. In regards to Prince George, when asked by the Maltese President, William said "Malta might not survive George. There are too many precious things around here!"
With Maltese President/PA
William had fun video gaming and playing foosball with a youth group:
PA/Daily Mail
PA/Daily Mail
William then witnessed a military ceremony:
WireImage/Daily Mail

This was a very special trip for William (in Kate's place), because The Queen and Prince Phillip lived in Malta for the first few years of their marriage, and is reportedly some of their happiest memories.
Daily Mail Archives
The crowds didn't seem terribly disappointed that William was there is Kate's place. This tour was overall a success and something that, while I am sure Kate would have loved to do it, was the right decision. See you soon!

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