Monday, September 8, 2014

Pregnancy Pieces that Deserve a Royal Recycle

Hello all! With all the excitement surrounding the recent news that Kate is expecting, I thought that I would choose a few items that I think deserve a recycle this fall!

1. Her Erdem Floral: This was a mixed review piece, but I personally loved it. It flattered Kate's changing body and added a little flair with the pattern.
2. Blue Emilia Wickstead: This was a showstopper the first time, so it wouldn't have the same impact as it did the debut, but it still showcases her new form perfectly, as well as being a baby blue.
Marie Claire
3. Yellow Emilia Wickstead Coatdress: Yet another Emilia Wickstead Win during Kate's first pregnancy. This was a bright yellow coat that was cheery (made Kate seem glowing) and nice for a day engagement!
Marie Claire
4. Grey MaxMara Dress: This is a piece that is good for casual occasion, and it shows off her bump!

I hope you have a wonderful evening and I will update as more info flows in!
Kocev Fashion

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