Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Harry! + Kate Tidbits

As we come onto this fine day, I would like to wish Prince Harry a wonderful birthday. In this post I will cover his life and his friendship with Kate.

 Prince Henry of Wales was born on September 15, 1984,  at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's.

He has the title of the jokester, and cemented that when he was only three years old:
With Mom Diana at a RAF base:
At a Spice Girl's Premiere in 1997 (someone has a little blush action going on!):
At Diana's funeral (I still can't believe he held it together, the poor thing!):
Harry grew up quite a bit in just a few years, pictured here at the last day of his time at Eton College:
Harry and Kate have always been close (as you would imagine, having just one other person to commiserate with about the extremely rare situation they are in must feel comforting), since he and William are close. Here they are in 2007 at a game of football (American soccer):
Here we see them at the Order of the Garter ceremony, when Prince William officially got initiated into the Order:
Moving to present day, Harry, Kate, and William carry out family functions, weddings, and official engagements together.
US Magazine
Happy Birthday, Harry! Many more to you and we all wonder what will be happening next year!

In regards to Kate and her health, no more news has been released. The Palace has announced that there will be a decision be Wednesday in regards to Malta. If Kate does not go, it is expected another senior Royal will go, such as Princes Harry or William.

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