Thursday, August 28, 2014

Prince George is Pictured Walking in Kensington Park

Here is a short update on the His Royal Cuteness! We haven't seen much of him (as it should be) but Prince George is just as cute as ever! He was pictured walking in Kensington Gardens with his nanny, Maria.
From Berkshire to Buckingham
From Berkshire to Buckingham

From Berkshire to Buckingham
I find it interesting that the Cambridges are still in London. August and September are the traditional Balmoral months for the family, and the fact they are staying in London puzzles me. I think the other set of grandparents wants to be close to their little one, too :) The last time we saw George was when his official birthday photo's were released, if you remember:
This reminds me of a video I once watched of Prince William when he was first starting to toddle:
I sure hope we get something like this with George in the future! There is also one that is a little shorter when William was a little older:
Only a little over a week until the engagement with Kate and William! See you soon!

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