Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Pictures Surface From Date Night!

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This has been a rather dry Royal-watching month, and I wasn't planning to update for a while, but new (and frankly adorable) pictures have surfaced of William and Kate on a date, and walking through Kings Cross. I am surprised, as I stated in an earlier post, that the two are not in Balmoral. Anyways, here they are!
Daily Star
They were dining at Kings Head Hotel in Great Bircham, Norfolk, which is very close to the newly renovated Anmer Hall. It is a charming hotel: you can visit their website here.
Kate was dressed casually for this dinner date, in a black sweater, her J Brand skinnies, and her Dune espadrilles which are available right here.
Daily Star
There are only two pictures from this particular outing.
"Kate's hair was still wet and they were both in jeans. They had the look of any other parents who had grabbed the night out without the baby."

"All evening, they were holding hands and giggling. Kate kept tousling her hair in a flirty way. Wills couldn't take his eyes off her the whole meal. They were really lovey-dovey and they were kissing a lot."

"They were just like any other couple - they spent ages deciding what to have, then both picked the same meal."
Kate and William were also pictured dashing through Kings Cross Station. 
Kate was wearing her Mint Velvet Plimsolls, a brown-ish jacket, and a shirt underneath that looks very much like the Gap gingham shirt she was wearing on the Down Under tour:
Duchess Kate
The rest are available here, at the Mirror website. 
The Sunday Times reported that there might be a trip to China next year in store for the Royal Trio.

"Plans are being drawn up for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to make a historic tour of China. Sources have confirmed that Kensington Palace and the Commonwealth Offices are in talks about a potential trip that would take place next year."

This would be interesting as the couple has already visited Singapore:
William and Kate
That is all for now, folks! See you September 8 if not sooner!
US Magazine

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