Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Pictures Surface From Date Night!

Hello all!
This has been a rather dry Royal-watching month, and I wasn't planning to update for a while, but new (and frankly adorable) pictures have surfaced of William and Kate on a date, and walking through Kings Cross. I am surprised, as I stated in an earlier post, that the two are not in Balmoral. Anyways, here they are!
Daily Star
They were dining at Kings Head Hotel in Great Bircham, Norfolk, which is very close to the newly renovated Anmer Hall. It is a charming hotel: you can visit their website here.
Kate was dressed casually for this dinner date, in a black sweater, her J Brand skinnies, and her Dune espadrilles which are available right here.
Daily Star
There are only two pictures from this particular outing.
"Kate's hair was still wet and they were both in jeans. They had the look of any other parents who had grabbed the night out without the baby."

"All evening, they were holding hands and giggling. Kate kept tousling her hair in a flirty way. Wills couldn't take his eyes off her the whole meal. They were really lovey-dovey and they were kissing a lot."

"They were just like any other couple - they spent ages deciding what to have, then both picked the same meal."
Kate and William were also pictured dashing through Kings Cross Station. 
Kate was wearing her Mint Velvet Plimsolls, a brown-ish jacket, and a shirt underneath that looks very much like the Gap gingham shirt she was wearing on the Down Under tour:
Duchess Kate
The rest are available here, at the Mirror website. 
The Sunday Times reported that there might be a trip to China next year in store for the Royal Trio.

"Plans are being drawn up for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to make a historic tour of China. Sources have confirmed that Kensington Palace and the Commonwealth Offices are in talks about a potential trip that would take place next year."

This would be interesting as the couple has already visited Singapore:
William and Kate
That is all for now, folks! See you September 8 if not sooner!
US Magazine

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Prince George is Pictured Walking in Kensington Park

Here is a short update on the His Royal Cuteness! We haven't seen much of him (as it should be) but Prince George is just as cute as ever! He was pictured walking in Kensington Gardens with his nanny, Maria.
From Berkshire to Buckingham
From Berkshire to Buckingham

From Berkshire to Buckingham
I find it interesting that the Cambridges are still in London. August and September are the traditional Balmoral months for the family, and the fact they are staying in London puzzles me. I think the other set of grandparents wants to be close to their little one, too :) The last time we saw George was when his official birthday photo's were released, if you remember:
This reminds me of a video I once watched of Prince William when he was first starting to toddle:
I sure hope we get something like this with George in the future! There is also one that is a little shorter when William was a little older:
Only a little over a week until the engagement with Kate and William! See you soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kate's New Engagement

There has finally been word on an appearance with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The pair will be opening the Dickson Poon University of Oxford China Centre at St. Hugh's College.
St Hugh's
The official press release consists of: 'Their Royal Highnesses will meet members of St. Hugh's staff, students, and friends of the centre before being shown the Chine Centre building. At the new China Centre, the Duke and Duchess will meet designers and building contractors who worked on the project, donors, and academics.
In the courtyard , the royal party will join others for a traditional Chinese ribbon cutting ceremony."
The center, as you might have guessed, is dedicated to the study of Chine. Oxford has one of the most comprehensive programs of China Studies in Europe.
St Hugh's
The other piece of news I have for you today is Kate has been 'Simpsionized'. Artist aleXandro Palombo has recreated many of the outfits Kate has worn over the years.
Duchess Kate/aleXsandro Palombo
This is, of course, her beautiful Nelson Mandela premiere dress:
Marie Claire
He also illustrated one of my favorite dresses on her:
aleXsandro Palombo

Two of my favorite evening gowns were featured:
aleXsandro Palombo
All 52 designs can be viewed on his blog.
aleXsandro Palombo
Lastly, I wanted to apologize for my infrequent, and frankly, not top quality posts. My life got insanely busy really quickly and the blog has fallen down the priority list. I really hope to get back into the swing of things soon, and be having plenty of time to hang out on the blogosphere again. Have a Kate day and hopefully see you soon!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Kate's Malta Details and more

So sorry I haven't posted in forever, but the school year started and I have been crazy busy! I will be posting a very long article later on tonight, but that is for later. Right now, Clarence House has released the details for her September 21/22 trip to Malta. There will be ten events over the course of two days (I wonder how many outfits she will wear?) and we are all very ready for some Kate!

Event 1:
Visit to President Marie Louise Colerio Preca.This will be at San Anton Palace, where Kate will be staying.

Event 2:
Visit to the Prime Minister of Malta, Hon. Dr. Joseph Muscat, and his wife.
Event 3:Kate will experience a reenactment of the inspection of the fort and the garrison by the Grand Baliff of the Order of the Knights of St. John. This will be in Palace Square,Valletta.
Event 4:
Next, Kate will visit the National Library and views all sorts of historical documents, including letters from King Henry VIII and George III.
Event 5:
Kate will be at the Upper Barrakka Gardens for the Independence Day celebrations. This is situated on the Grand Harbor, which is sure to provide a spectacular views of the sunset.
Event 6:
She will attend the Independence Day service at St. Johns Co-Cathedral. 
Event 7:
Kate will visit the Access Center, with the organization Agenzija Zghzagh, or Agency for Youth. This is a government agency that runs programs for underprivileged youth. You can view their homepage here
Event 8:
Kate will tour the city next, taking a short walk in Vittoriosa Square. She will be shown Maltese art before going to the Grand Harbor.

Event 9:
Kate will take a boat tour across the Grand Harbor to witness the whole city.

Event 10:
Last but not least, Kate will go to the High Commissioner's Garden Party.

I am so excited! In other news, I was browsing on the Alexander McQueen Website, and I found a top remarkably similar to Kate's gown she wore for George's Christening. You can buy it here.
Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen
What Kate Wore
They are remarkably similar, aren't they?
I will be back with more soon, I promise!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kate is Out Shopping! And Others...

What a dry spell, again. I sure hope the Cambridges are having a fun vacation, because we need more Kate! Anyways, there is a relatively bleak month ahead of us. I thought by now there would surely be more events added to her calendar, but I think I was wrong!
Kate went shopping in the very popular Bicester Village shopping outlet, much like the ones that have Nordstrom and Macy's in the US. You can view their homepage if you click here.
There were several very excited tweets about meeting her, including one that said "We had a lovely little chat" Wow! A chance that many of us would surely jump at ;) Mirror just reported that she was checking out pajamas for Prince George:

"The Duchess of Cambridge was seen checking out Lacoste for pajamas for Prince George as she looked around the shops at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire.

"Fashion-loving Kate..........took a look for discounts in Ralph Lauren, Temperley and Gucci.

"A sales assistant also told the Sun: 'Kate  came in on her own on Sunday just like anyone else, and browsed the sales racks. At first I couldn't recognize her; I didn't believe it was Kate.  She was very friendly.

"Kate apparently had her purchases - including a bath mat - couriered  to Kensington Palace."
US Magazine

Kate has been seen in all these designers as displayed here:
In Ralph Lauren:
Michael Dunlea/Barcroft Media/Daily Mail

In Temperley (I love this dress!):

And in Gucci:
What Kate Wore
On a completely different note, Kate took Prince George to the Princess Diana playground to the 'beach' part of the playground. The playground is very close to Kensington Palace, so it was perfect!
Royal Parks
The Express said:
"'It was lovely seeing them in the sand. They stayed for about 15 minutes. They had three protection officers with them but Kate was oblivious to anyone but her gorgeous baby enjoying himself."
Daily Telegraph
Thank you so much for tuning in this time! I hope to have more info in thee future; keep coming back!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Guess Who is Returning to Flying?

It's official: William is going to be joining the East Anglian Air Ambulance as a helicopter pilot. This has been a long-coming announcement, rumors started as early as October of last year and ramped up by March 2014. He is going to be employed by a civilian company, meaning that he will be getting a salary (don't worry - he is donating all of it to charity).

From the press office of Kensington Palace:
"His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge is to become a helicopter pilot with East Anglian Air Ambulance.
After completing a mandatory period of training the autumn and winter, The Duke will start work with the Air Ambulance, based in Cambridge and Norwich Airports and flying both day and night shifts, in spring 2015. The Duke will start as a co-pilot but, after a period of training, will be qualified to fly as a helicopter commander."
Fisher Bullen News
Prince William will be officially employed by Bond Air Services. He will be receiving a 40,000 pound salary, all of which he will be donating to charity. His schedule is believed to be a five day on, three day off shift, from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM.
PA/Daily Mail
He signed a two year contract, meaning he will be at least 35 before he becomes a full-time royal (I suspect probably more, though). I think this is a perfect time period for he and Kate to have another child. He previously worked for the RAF Search and Rescue in Angelsey, and now he will be based in Norwich, which happens to be close to Amner Hall. He, Kate and George will be primarily in Norwich now.
US Magazine
East Anglian Air Hospital released a statement today:
"This is really good news for the charity and we're delighted His Royal Highness has decided to fly with us. We're looking forward to him being a part of the team. We need to raise 7.5 million pounds. We are confident that this will help raise the profile of the charity. It's a very close-knit group with pilots operating closely with doctors and paramedics so we need a strong team."

East Anglian Air Hospital is a non-government funded program, relying solely on donations. To donate, please visit their homepage right here. 

To my surprise, the Palace has also released a statement about Kate:
"She will continue with her small portfolio of work and focus on being a mother. No rise in duties."
I think this is a good decision, one that keeps George in privacy, allows them to relax, and possibly give George a sibling. They are keeping with their want for privacy by moving away from London again.

Huffington Post
What do you think of this? I would love to hear.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bloodswept Lands and Seas of Red

Good Morning!
Today, Kate and William joined Harry, visited to Tower of London to view the large exhibit 'Bloodswept Lands and Seas of Red', which is comprised solely of poppies that is flowing down the courtyard of the Tower.
The exhibit is truly amazing; I would recommend seeing it if you can. The exhibit currently consists of 120,000 poppies but will go on to contain 888,246 by Christmas Day to commemorate every fallen British soldier of WWI. The poppies are sale online for 25 pounds a piece, if you are interested.

Back to Kate! She was wearing her beautiful (one of my all time faves) cobalt blue 'Detroit' sheath by L.K. Bennett. It is also available in a light cream shade if you so desire.
Jonathon Hordle/REX
 If you remember, she wore this back in February as well:
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Official Website
They walked around the exhibit for a while, and the magnitude of the exhibit seemed to get to Kate:
Andy Oliver/ Mail
Hartley/Daily Mail
They also chatted with some Beefeaters and other members of staff:
PA/Daily Mail
Zed Jameson/ Online
Stephen Lock/I-Images
I love this one!
I think that this dress was fitting for today, because while it was a somber color and pretty simple, it was bright compared to the poppies. I have to admit, when I first saw the dress I thought it was her blue Stella she wore a few days ago and I nearly fell off my chair!
Anyways, I think she looked very pretty in todays pick. While they were in the artificial fields, all three of them bended down to put a flower in to represent a fallen man:
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Official Website


Both these days have been very somber, and I think Kate's first dabbling with the 'real' royal duties. And I think she has done magnificently!
Reuters/Mail Online
See you soon, hopefully! After this we have no scheduled engagements until the END of September, so lets hope that fills up a bit!
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