Wednesday, July 2, 2014

William, Kate and George enjoy an outing at the Natural History Museum

Sorry I didn't see this earlier.....Emily Rickard posted these photos of Kate, William, and George exiting a butterfly exhibit! Kate is looking as put together as ever, William is looking very dapper, and George is in all his cuteness:
Emily Rickard via Twitter
Emily Rickard via Twitter
Emily Rickard via Twitter
This seems to be the dress she wore under both the Erdem and the Catherine Walker coats on the Australia/NZ trip: Budding Heart Silk Tea Dress by Suzannah.

Daily Mail

The Natural History Museum is one of her patronages; she decided on that when she was engaged. She has gone here two times before - one when she was secretly pregnant and one after she had George.
If you remember, this is the same Peace and Love dress she wore at a Palace party:
Getty Images
And she also wore her lace Temperley to an engagement last fall:
See y'all later!


  1. Hi Rose! I love your blog. I like that you are so positive about Duchess Kate. I like her too and can't believe how hard she works. You seem to know so much about her clothes and about her. You really do your research. Well, looking forward to more of your posts. Thanks for the fun blog!

    1. Thank you Carianne! I hope you continue to enjoy :)


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