Saturday, July 19, 2014

Official 1st Birthday Picture of George is Released!

What a nice surprise! A picture of George, at the Natural History Museum with his parents earlier this year (you can view that article here). He is growing up so fast!
PA/Daily Mail
Pretty soon he will be doing his own walkabouts! If you remember, Kate was wearing her 'Budding Heart' Suzannah dress on this trip:
Emily Rickard via Twitter
I can just imagine Kate and William calling to him behind the scenes :)
There is an anticipated two more photos, which will come out Monday night, in anticipation for his first birthday. I hope they are family shots! And look at his hair! He is getting a nice head of hair (thank goodness!) There are some shots of him with his nanny and bodyguard walking in Hyde Park here.  We will hopefully see you soon!
Our Little George via Tumblr

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