Monday, July 28, 2014

LIVE UPDATES: Commonwealth Games

Kate is at the Commonwealth Games today! She, William, and Harry have been there all day, so far attending the gymnastics event and boxing. She is looking very sporty and very Kate-esque in her casual style, with her cork high heels, her skinnies, and her blazer. She is wearing a button-up striped shirt, which although not the one she wore to the Olympic games in 2012, bears a striking resemblance:
WireImage/Daily Mail
Two years ago:
She also went to the gymnastics event with William and Harry:
WireImage/Daily Mail
Funniest picture of the day goes to this:
Tim Rooke/REX
Hi! Sorry for the delay for the rest of the pictures, I had to get out of my hotel and hit the road! So, here we go. I think that Kate looked very elegant today, wearing her Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon Wedges, a popular choice with her.

The blazer she was wearing was Zara, a style she first debuted in April on her Down Under tour.
In addition, she carried her Russell and Bromley 'Muse' clutch, which has been seen on a number of engagements with her Zara skinnies and blazer.
Russell and Bromley/HRH Duchess Kate

This is an easy outfit for her, she wears it a lot so she can put it on and not be worried about what it will look like. I agree that it would be nice to see her change it up, but she might not be too concerned with those things if she is running around trying to get George his diaper.
They attended boxing, gymnastics, swimming, and hockey, to name a few. William was wearing his go-to Dad jeans, which I think are hilarious:
PA/Daily Mail
Kate got fanned by William, as well:
PA/Daily Mail
PA/Daily Mail
PA/Daily Mail
Both of them were in good spirits today, making a few public displays of affection that usually evades them on official duties:
Wattle Cheung/Daily Mail
Stephen Lock/I-Images/Daily Mail
Getty Images/Daily Mail
They were seen using a smartphone, which seems to be Kate's. The general consensus seems to be that is it a Samsung Galaxy S5 (talk about product placement!).
Reuters/Daily Mail Mail Mail Mail
The Non-Appleness of it has us Apple lovers disappointed, HOWEVER.....I think I saw an iPhone in her pocket during a casual night out with William to a rugby game (on the tour):

Maybe she has multiple phones so there isn't another phone-hacking scandal like the one that leaked out a few months ago?  Her hair was back to it's glossy best:
Getty Images/Daily Mail
As always, Harry is the jokester:
Daily Mail
They were handed the Australian team mascot:
PA/Daily Mail
PA/Daily Mail
As always with sporting events, we got to see the Duchess' expressive face come into play:
Daily Mail
James Chapelard/SWNSHEMEDIA/Daily Mail
I can see how this would be a particularly stressful match to watch, as they were watching boxing:
James Chapelard/ SWNSHEMEDIA/Daily Mail
At the field hockey match, Kate, William, and Harry were joined by Uncle Edward and family (where Kate is particularly expressive, probably because her extensive knowledge and love of the sport):
Mark Sutherland/HEMEDIA
Mark Sutherland/HEMEDIA/Daily Mail
A moment of mutual pain:
Reuters/Daily Mail
Stephen Lock/I-Images/Daily Mail
Getty Images/Daily Mail
AP/Daily Mail
These are the current standings (thank you so much, Daily Mail):
Daily Mail
What a great trio! See you tomorrow!
WireImage/Daily Mail

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