Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kate visits Wimbledon Again to Cheer on Roger Federer in Saunders

To my surprise, Kate was not at the Tour de France today, but at Wimbledon! She was in the radiant Jonathon Saunders dress, originally from the Southeast Asia trip. They were joined, though not sitting by, Pippa, Nico (he finally made an appearance!), Carole, and Michael.
She was as expressive as ever!
Daily Mail/AFP/Getty Images
Daily Mail/AP

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She was carrying a crème scarf and her LK Bennet 'Avona' clutch. William was looking as dapper as ever :)
Andrew Parsons/I-Images/Daily Mail
WireImage/Daily Mail
WireImage/Daily Mail
WireImage/Daily Mail
 My favorite of the day goes to this one. Someone is getting competitive...
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Roger Federer ended up winning the first set against Novak Djokovic, but Djokovic won the second set. She originally wore this dress on a tour of the Solomon Islands:
See you later, and hopefully before the end of July!
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