Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kate takes Cooking Course at Leith's; William says George is 'Charging Around, Opening Doors'

As you may be able to tell, it has been a rather slow month for royal watching. Only a couple more weeks until the Belgium visit, though (UGG.) So, Kate has been taking cooking courses at Leith's, a  very prestigious cooking school (reportedly costing upwards of $2,700), to learn to be somewhat of a master chef. Maybe it is for their new 'private, family kitchen' they just installed?

One of her classmates, Rachel Khoo, a British celebrity chef, said "Kate was in my class.......she was ill for a few days, so I took notes for her." Can you imagine taking notes for her? Rachel also commented on her mannerisms: "She was a lovely person, but she kept to herself." Sounds like typical Kate.
William has been going out and about a lot lately, taking on more duties as he wanes off of the RAF career. He visited Coventry's War Memorial Park, where he played with children and paid tribute to the 100th anniversary of World War One.
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Sisters Mary and Mavis Jarvis asked him about being a dad: "We asked him straight away about the baby and he said it's his birthday next week. He said George is charging around and opening doors. He said he is lovely." Sounds very typical George fashion, don't you think?
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He told Gil Naylor "I think George will be running faster than me very soon!"
Kate's 'Crepe Dress with Navy Trim' from Jaeger is back in stock! Yay! You can view it, and hopefully buy it, here.

 That's all for now, folks, but hopefully we will be seeing them before too long, and don't forget to stop by for a special birthday edition for good old Georgie!

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