Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First Birthday Antics!

Happy Birthday George! Your party at Kensington Palace seems like it was tons of fun. Lots of your godparents, your grandparents, and your great-grandma visited.
Kate took George to Buckingham Palace this morning (presumably to visit his great-grandparents).
Kelvin Bruce/Daily Mail
I can imagine the excitement in the air as they get ready for a big milestone (I can imagine the teary-eyed parents "Oh, my boy is growing up so fast!" ;)
There were also crowds there, waiting to see the Queen:
Thank you From Berkshire to Buckingham!
Carole and Michael Middleton arrived in separate cars; they were the first ones there.
David Parker/Daily Mail
GC Images/Daily Mail
Jaimie Lowther-Pinkerton as well as a few van Cutsems (and Prince Harry)  arrived un-photographed.  Emilia Jardine-Paterson (his godmother) arrived with her son, Leo.
Zara and Mike arrived with their daughter, Mia:
David Parker/ Daily Mail
James came as well, presumably with Donna Air:
David Parker/Daily Mail
David Parker/Daily Mail
Perhaps the most important guest, the Queen of England, also arrived to wish George a happy birthday.
David Parker/Daily Mail
Happy birthday, George! Have a great day!
PA/Daily Mail

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