Friday, July 11, 2014

A Dry Spell

Hello, Kate Watchers!
It seems Kate is taking some time off to enjoy a summer vacation with George and William. It is rather sad, but she certainly deserves it.
On other fronts, the Royals seem to be scheduled to take an overseas trip in the autumn. Will it be Kate's first overseas trip? We know that she is going to be in Malta (if the rumors are true, but they seem to be increasingly accurate).
"The Sunday Times of Malta is informed that Kate Middleton is expected to be the guest of honor as Malta marks its Golden Jubilee since gaining independence on September 21, 1964. The British High Commission said no decision has yet been taken."
I have also been noticing an increasing amount of pregnancy rumors, or that they are going to start trying by the end of the summer. I usually take these with a grain of salt, but who knows?
Most of the rumors are from magazines like this, and they are not the most reputable, to say the least!

Kate waits to wear her pieces until they are no longer part of the collection so that people don't run out and copy her, according to this article, which I believe. A lot of thought goes into her wardrobe, from which event she wore that dress to last (to coordinate it with the events) to color to the label. She really popularizes the British fashion industry. Anyways, the article quotes women from the Moloh clothing company, which Kate wore on an engagement in Scotland before having George:
This was not one of my favorite looks on her, but she looked very happy and her hair was beautiful.
William, however, has been out and about. He and Harry were part of a Google+ Hangout, and you can watch the whole thing here or below!
And Oh My Gosh I love this picture!
Duchess Kate/ TheSearchIsOn
The trio of William, Harry, and Charles also attended the annual BITC awards, where Charles gave an absolutely breathtaking speech (Maybe a little over exaggeration there, but his gives impeccable speeches. I mean, absolutely stunning.).
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Official Website
 William and Charles also went scuba-diving for the British Sub-Aqua Club at the Oasis Sports Centre. He is becoming president of the club, while Charles is retiring from the job.
He talked about George, saying : 
"I hope that one day my son George might follow in our footsteps."
"For the moment bath time is quite painful, but I imagine as he gets a little bit older, donning a mask and snorkel might calm him down." Oh, William!
Charles commented on William's buff-ness: "I know my eldest son will now demonstrate his buff credentials, by leaping bodily into this very welcoming - and I didn't realise existed - swimming pool."
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Official Website
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Official Website
George made the August 2014 Vanity Fair cover. Oh my, is he ever cute! I would recommend it, it is a very cute article and outlines the toughness of George as a baby, who was apparently very colicky.
My Daily/ Vanity Fair
Tonight at 10 pm we will be seeing a half hour special on the little prince on CNN. There is a cute little clip here. Let's hope we see some Kate sooner rather than later!

Google+ Hangout;

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