Saturday, June 28, 2014

Does Kate have the perfect nose?

According to TIME magazine, she does. A team of US plastic surgeons asked a large group of people through 'online social networks' (I am assuming Facebook and the like) to assess different pictures of women and vote on which was the most attractive. Is Kate's nose most attractive? Let me know in the comments. You can view the whole article here.
I suppose people will be people, but I think everyone is better off being themselves (not that I don't love Kate. But being an individual is also important.)

On other fronts, Pippa and Kate have a very "normal, sisterly relationship." That is not really a surprise, for me. They are often photographed together, and during the breakup with William in 2007, it seemed like Pippa was the one who was leading Kate into the nightclubs and such. But they seem to have been really close since they were kids.
And back to modern day...
You can view the whole article here.
That's all for now, folks! See you soon!

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