Monday, June 30, 2014

Pippa's First Interview! And Kate's Unexpected Engagement!

The first of a two part segment with Matt Lauer interviewing Pippa came out the Today show! She talked Kate, George, and her bridesmaid dress!
She  talked about the hardships of being pursued by the press, and how she was never really at ease in big cities! Here and here are good summaries of the interview.
I am getting a real kick out of this picture. She looks so smug!

Kate went to the Royal Society of Medicine conference. She was wearing a Tory Burch "Chrissy" jersey knit dress. It has a detachable belt which it looks like she was wearing. Here are all the pictures, courtesy of Just Jared.

I think it was for more info for her upcoming engagement involving Place2Be, which she is going to be visiting inside a school on July 1st. That is tomorrow!

On other fronts (thank you Duchess Kate blog! More at her site), Jenny Packham has released her 2015 collection, and it SCREAMS Kate.
Duchess Kate and Jenny Packham


Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Two Kitchens Kate".......

Many articles of late have been dubbing the Duchess of Cambridge "two-kitchens Kate" because she had a personal kitchen refurbished. I originally wanted to let this issue blow over, because it seems like a quite silly thing to be complaining about. If anyone else was renovating their kitchen, would the whole country be mad? Each to their own, but I have a philosophy that if they are always in the spotlight and let the paparazzi take photos of their private lives, they have the right to have a rather luxurious lifestyle. Anyways, I found a rather supportive article on the Daily Mail (they don't always have great info, but man, do they have good pictures!) here.

What do you think of this? Let me know in the comments :)
I found this cute article too...check it out!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Prince George Takes Kate's Place as Best Dressed Royal

Guess who won? According to International Business Times, it is George.
"He has not yet turned one, but it looks like Prince George is already years ahead in the style stakes.
The 11-month-old trendsetter has beaten his fashionista mother Kate Middleton to be crowned the Best-Dressed Royal.
According to a survey conducted by junior fashion retail website, outranked other member of the monarchy thanks to his modern take on traditional outfits.
During the royal's Australasia tour earlier this year, the future King was decked out in an array of designer brands and high street bargains.
The red-and-white stripy dungarees he recently wore to his father's polo match, which cost £33.99 from Spanish childrenswear brand Neck & Neck, also received praise from the fashion crowd.
"I absolutely adore Prince George's style. It's modern, yet traditional and stylish but not tacky," one survey participant told Hello! magazine." Aww! 
My favorite :)

I think he is sufficiently cute! The link to the article is here. Cherrio!

Does Kate have the perfect nose?

According to TIME magazine, she does. A team of US plastic surgeons asked a large group of people through 'online social networks' (I am assuming Facebook and the like) to assess different pictures of women and vote on which was the most attractive. Is Kate's nose most attractive? Let me know in the comments. You can view the whole article here.
I suppose people will be people, but I think everyone is better off being themselves (not that I don't love Kate. But being an individual is also important.)

On other fronts, Pippa and Kate have a very "normal, sisterly relationship." That is not really a surprise, for me. They are often photographed together, and during the breakup with William in 2007, it seemed like Pippa was the one who was leading Kate into the nightclubs and such. But they seem to have been really close since they were kids.
And back to modern day...
You can view the whole article here.
That's all for now, folks! See you soon!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Kate is not attending the Order of the Thistle Ceremony!

Bad news on the Kate front, I am afraid. I am very surprised, seeing how she went last year, and she is missing Wimbledon. Remember those good times?
I originally didn't like this coat. I think it was because it was a bit more of a matronly cut than I was used to on Kate, and it was definitely looser than most of the coats she wore. It has grown on me, though. I also have grown to enjoy the hat. I am glad she doesn't wear it too much though, as it seems to flatten out her face ;)

Okay, that's all for now! I hope she makes an appearance before the first of July. Comments are always welcome :)

A Day at Wimbledon

Pippa, James, Carole, and Michael Middleton have all been to Wimbledon recently. Where's Kate? I am suspecting that she will not be making an appearance there because of the bad press about the Amner Hall costs (not to mention George). Also, Pippa has given her FIRST INTERVIEW! It will air on Monday and Tuesday on NBC. Here are the latest pictures:

This dress reminds me somewhat of what she wore with Kate last year:

On a similar note, I really love her new haircut. She has thinner hair than Kate, and the shorter styles give the illusion of more hair :)
I really like this color on Carole. It suits her coloring.
I am really hoping we see Kate, but as I said earlier, I am not that optimistic that will happen. She does have an engagement at a school on the 1st in London, and will be helping open the Tour de France on the 5/6th!

Happy (late) Birthday William!

Okay...sorry for the late post :) I am just getting used to this and I am having a few issues. For my introductory post, William is getting the spotlight. He is Kate's leading man, and had his 32 birthday a  few days ago!

I love the way he is always guiding her:

How he is always making her laugh:
How he gets mad when she is hurt:
This was the day that the horrible and invasive photos of Kate and William sunbathing were published in a magazine. William could hardly keep the scowl off his face the whole day.

And how he is adapting into being a dad:

Happy birthday, William! Best wishes to you and your wonderful family.

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